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ICYMI: NFL News – July 21st 2016

Thursday in the NFL brings more of the same. Although we appear to have gone a whole day without a Rookie arrest!


Thursday brings us more signings, retirements, and shots fired. The NFL continues to grind onwards towards the season.

Silatolu the Bear –

Former Carolina Panthers Offensive guard, Amini Silatolu has signed with the Chicago Bears for the season. The 4 year veteran left the Panthers following an ACL tear in November, the second such tear in his career. He tried out for 4 other teams this offseason, but it appears that the Bears saw the most value in the player.

Smith goes to Lions –

Quanterus Smith, a perennial practice squad member, has signed across to Detroit. The 2013 Broncos draftee got 15 games in his second year with the team, before being dropped unceremoniously. Jobbing for the Jets and the Jags got him nowhere near the roster, and even the Lions might not be interested in the DE for more than the pressure he’ll put on the other candidates. With a dodgy knee that he picked up in college, it could be one more stop on the road to mediocrity for Mr Smith.

Monroe Retires –

Eugene Monroe has announced his retirement from the game. The 29 year old Offensive Tackle cited concerns about his long term health, with allusions to CTE, amongst other things. The Seven Year veteran tackle was a prolific performer, and after the Ravens released him this season – reportedly to free up salary cap space – it was expected that there would be a frenzy around the player. Unfortunately, in May of last year, Monroe wrote an article in the Players’ Tribune, calling for the NFL to allow the use of Cannabinoids as pain management for players. He may well be ahead of the game, and I expect in the locker room he would have a lot of support, but in the current system, that kind of outspoken stance can set you back. Retirement may well have been the softer option for Monroe. I hope he keeps campaigning though, as I would expect cannabinoids to be accepted within the next decade, based on current state legislature.

Beckham flaps –

OBJ loves the publicity, and with his European Instagram tour nearing completion, he needed to get back in the headlines. Why not take a shot at Josh Norman, that hasn’t been a thing for a couple of weeks. OBJ claimed that Norman only took the deal with Washington so that he could play Beckham twice a year, and “stay relevant”. I heard they offered to pay him too, quite a lot, but what do I know?

Foster goes to ‘Fins –

Arian Foster, the former Texans RB has signed with the Dolphins. After trying out for them recently, they opted to sign him up on a short deal. This is a chance for Foster to show that he is still capable of playing, as injuries have limited his production in recent years, prompting the Texans to drop him in exchange for former Dolphins RB. Lamar Miller.

ICYMI: NFL News – July 21st 2016

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