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ICYMI: NFL News – July 20th 2016

The Bills and the Cowboys look to lock down more players, and Bryant gets lawyered up. More ups and downs from the NFL.

We reach Wednesday in week 29, and the NFL is still providing us with enough watercooler topics to keep us going for another week without any games. More contracts, some litigation, and a retirement. Let’s see what happened when you weren’t looking.

Charles Tillman Retires –

2003 Chicago Bears second round draft, and legendary cornerback, Charles Tillman has announced his official retirement from the NFL. The incredibly productive corner, who boasted the most forced fumbles of any cornerback in the league, played almost exclusively for Chicago in his 13 year career. The man won many awards for his contributions both on and off the field, until a torn ACL finally called time on his career.

Durant Signs with Cowboys –

Justin Durant has signed a one year deal with the Cowboys, after Rolando Mclain was banned for 10 games, the 31 year old has stepped in from FA to fill the void. All parties are clear that this is not a long term deal, but Durant could well use this as an opportunity to prove that he’s still a valid player, and increase his value in the FA market for next year.

Reggie Bush contemplates Bills –

RB Bush has been tapped up by the Bills to fill a rapidly expanding gap in their roster, as the NFL doles out bans to their boisterous players during the offseason. The Veteran Running Back has been made an offer by the Bills to fill in for them, and is considering his position as a 31 year old veteran to the game.

Redskins workout players –

Jimmy Clausen was amongst several players worked out by the Washington Redskins recently. The disappointing signal caller has been on the sidelines for a while, since his disastrous appearances at Carolina, Baltimore, and Chicago. With just over 50% for a completion rate, he’s not exactly the top of the tree, but it is being speculated that the Redskins could try and use him on the practice field. There were also several other receivers being checked out, which indicated that the Washington offense could still be wide open after last season.

Bryant sues –

Dez Bryant is countersueing his former advisor for allegedly sourcing and retaining funds under his name, and wilfully withholding them from him. In counter to the case against him, where the Royce West – A Texas state senator – Sued Bryant for damages to a property he resided in, to the value of $60,000, Bryant is suing for $300,000 which he claims West intentionally withheld from him, after arranging deals on Bryant’s behalf with endorsements for products.




ICYMI: NFL News – July 20th 2016

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