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ICYMI: NFL News – July 1st 2016

Bans left right and centre in the NFL this week, as the league flexes it's muscles on players. See who's starting the season late.

The NFL got the ban hammer out this week, and quite a few teams are going to be starting this season with players watching from the stands. Let’s dive into this weeks events, and see who’s in, who’s out, and who’s doing their best to avoid ever being involved.

Manziel Banned for 4 games –

The slow motion unravelling of a human being that is Jonny Manziel continues to provide us with more fodder, as the NFL handed him a four game ban for violation of the NFL Substance abuse policy. This effectively makes the already toxic prospect even less of an option for NFL teams looking for a QB to develop. If his erratic behaviour wasn’t enough to put you off, the ¼ season ban would make it worse. Those of you who are religious, pray for Jonny, the rest of us will continue to watch through spread fingers.

Trevone Boykin dodges bullet –

At the beginning of the week, Boykin was looking at a potential year in prison for his arrest at the end of 2015. He signed a plea deal, putting him on probation for a year. He has to attend anger management classes, alcohol awareness classes, pay a $1,500 fine, write an apology letter to the officer he was alleged to have assaulted, and complete 80 hours of community service. He’s successfully avoided that, but expect the NFL to drop the ban-hammer on him, and disrupt the start of the Seahawks season.

Jets D-Line gets 1 Game ban –

Sheldon Richardson managed to pick up a single game ban due to breaching the personal conduct policy. The NFL frowns on driving your car at 143mph, evading police, then revealing that as well as your 12 year old relative, you’ve got a loaded semi-automatic handgun hidden under the floor mat (the relative wasn’t hidden under the mat). The smell of marijuana probably didn’t help either. Frankly, a one game ban was light, but he did plead guilty in court, and that probably acted in his favour.

Cory Redding announces retirement –

The 13 year veteran D-tackle announced his retirement from the game on Wednesday. With contracts under the Ravens, Lions, Seahawks, Colts, and Cardinals he pulled in some impressive numbers over his career. At one point being the highest paid defensive tackle in the entire league. The Cardinals were the last team to play him, dropping him after he spent most of the last season on the IR list. It looks like this is the right time for Redding to call time on his career in the NFL.

McClain Banned for 10 games –

Rolando McClain, the Cowboys Middle Linebacker has been handed a 10 game ban for breaching the league’s Substance abuse policies. The renowned rulebreaker has picked up a larger ban after serving a four game ban for the same issue last season. Clearly he doesn’t learn from his mistakes, as he has bounced from team to team, and ban to ban since he was picked out back in 2010. The Raiders dropped him for his attitude, went to jail for firearms offences, moved to the Ravens, then promptly retired for a year, then came back for the Cowboys, and lit up the defence. Looks like he’s getting itchy feet again, as he didn’t turn up for voluntary sessions during the offseason, and now this.

Browns drop Shaw –

Cleveland Browns have cleared some space out of their locker room, and reduced their QB line-up to four. The revolving locker door for QB1 has one less player after they jettisoned Connor Shaw from their line up on Thursday. After two years and one start, the Browns decided that he wasn’t part of their plans for 2016 onwards, and released him into the wild, with all the other feral QB3’s.

Thomas could be the new Manziel –

Jordan Thomas, Oklahoma’s shining Cornerback was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. This is starting to become a pattern already, with disciplinaries, and arrest warrants marring what could be a fantastic CV for a pro-player. With only a year left before he could be eligible for the draft, he really needs to evaluate his priorities if he wants to be a contender in the NFL.

The Cardinals did a telly thing –

In case you had missed the blanket advertising, the Cardinals have completed a documentary on their team, and it’s on Amazon. Coupled with Hard Knocks, the team based TV shows could well start to become a thing if this show is well received. Expect this to be the next thing Netflix and Amazon fight over.


ICYMI: NFL News – July 1st 2016

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