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ICYMI: NFL News – August 9th 2016

Tuesday 9th, and we're bringing you all of the latest information coming out of the NFL as we hit pre-season.


I’m not going to say it, I don’t want to jinx it. After the excitement of the approaching HOF game, and the last minute cancellation, I’m not going to risk mentioning when Football is on next. Let’s just say it’s on the horizon, and leave it at that. Tuesday’s ICYMI comes with the shocking revelation that the Cowboys have gone an entire day without one of their players getting injured or banned! Let’s all take a moment to absorb the uniqueness that is today.

Rex doesn’t like gymnastics –

The Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor got all showy at practice yesterday. In a practice snap, running a QB draw from the 10 yard line, Taylor hurdled two defensive players and flipped over into the end zone. Reportedly, Rex Ryan was less than impressed with this incredibly risky maneuver so close to the beginning of the season. With three players out injured, some for the long term, I can understand Rex’s concern.

Elway surprised –

When the Broncos were facing a week 17 battle against the Chargers, Brock Osweiler seemed to flag a little. John Elway promptly brought back the barely recovered Peyton Manning, and the rest is history. Elway mentioned in a recent interview, that he was surprised by how badly Osweiler took the call. Considering that he’d been sidelined for ever, and had not only finally gotten game, time, but was doing a pretty good job of it, I can understand why he might have had the hump over that call. Still, that big fat payout from the Texans probably helped soothe all that burn.

Moore retires –

In a move that surprised the Falcons, recent signing Lance Moore has announced his retirement from Football after only one training session with them for his 1 year contract. The Ex Saints player took to the field for only one day before deciding that ten seasons was more than enough for a 33 year old WR in the game. This now leaves the Falcons back where they started this time last week, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the staff were a little salty about this move.

All change in Canton –

After the HOF game was cancelled due to paint issues, which we still don’t really have a reason for, the Canton turf is being completely replaced. Allow me to be clear, these items are unrelated, as the field was due to be replaced anyway. After the field that caused the problems came across from the Saints Stadium in New Orleans, where it appears that it was only used for one season, it appears that those in charge at Canton already had plans to replace the turf. It does however appear that the issue was in fact was with the paint itself, and the apparent use of heat to try and accelerate the drying process. The new turf reportedly will have the logos stitched into the field, and so this shouldn’t be a problem going forward.

Nicks out in N.O –

Hakeem Nicks has been released by the Saints, and used the space to sign Chris Highland on Long Snapper. Nicks career faltered after a series of injuries marred what was a promising career up until 2011. Failing to light any fires at the Giants, Titans and Colts, the Saints have now dropped the WR. Could this be the end of the line for Nicks?

Denver wants Tucker to step up –

After Justin Tucker made a claim that he could kick an 85 yard field goal in Denver, it appears that the Broncos would love to see that. Denver Kicker Brandon McManus has offered to pay for his trip to Mile-High stadium, and Punter Britton Colquitt has joined in, claiming that Tucker is in love with his own celebrity, and fails to understand that special teams consists of long snappers and placers that enable him to be able to make these claims, and get paid a lot of money for it. Will Tucker be putting his money where his mouth is any time soon? I can’t see it.

Jerry Jones puts feet on desk –

QB concerns? What QB concerns? Jerry Jones is willing to wait this situation out. With their crystal QB starting fit, and a couple of Rookies on the bench, Mr Jones is more than comfortable with their current depth, and is happy to put his hands behind his head and relax. In the event that Tony Romo shatters into a million pieces due to a stray snap in week four, they’ll just rely on their depth chart. That worked so well last year, right? I expect this is posturing on the Cowboys part, with the McCown now firmly on the bench with the Browns after they announced RG3 at QB1, then the Cowboys could comfortably make a play for him. The Browns however have already said that they are happy to sit on McCown for the short term. This stare down could go on for a while, but I expect the Browns to blink first.

Zach Hemmila passed away –

In sad news from Arizona, 5th year senior O-line, Zach Hemmila apparently passed away in his sleep on Sunday Night. The 22 year old local was competing for starting Center position this year, and will be sorely missed within the organisation. Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.

Matthews out with knee injury –

Jordan Matthews will not face Tampa Bay on Thursday, as he will be resting a sore knee. Avoiding potential further injury, the eagles have decided to rest the receiver until at least their third pre-season game against the Indianapolis Colts.


ICYMI: NFL News – August 9th 2016

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