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ICYMI: NFL News – August 5th 2016

All the ins and outs of the NFL refined down into a fine broth for your consumption.


It’s Friday! The standard working week has come to the end, and as we drag our weary bodies from our places of work for another week, we can leave content with the knowledge that feet will be kicking balls imminently. Obviously I’m referring to football, unless you’re a member of some incredibly exclusive Fight Club, in which case you probably shouldn’t be talking about it. Rules are Rules. Talking of kicking….

Tucker can kick for miles –

See? That is what you call a seamless segue. That was art right there. You’re welcome.

Justin Tucker, the $16.8M foot attached to a human body, has declared that he can kick an 85 yard field goal. Well, 84.5. In Denver, because it’s high up. In the summer, because in winter it sucks. If he was asked to, because no coach with any sense would ever ask for a goal kick in their own 50. So there we have it, he could probably do it, if he was asked, which he won’t be, and only under very specific circumstances. Go Ravens.

Ron Leary could be heading to N.O –

The Saints have expressed interest in the Cowboys Guard to fill a gap in their Roster. After asking for a trade out last season, the 27 year old Offensive Lineman failed to get a decent offer last season. With things going the way they are in Cowboys territory, they may well be willing to trade him out for someone that isn’t currently banned or injured, but the Saints are lacking in the same areas that the Cowboys have needs. That’s not to say this trade won’t happen, but the Saints may have to pony up a draft pick, or maybe a Defensive player to get hold of Leary.

Peterson Ruling upheld –

The Federal Appeals Court has ruled in favour of the original findings that the NFL were acting appropriately within their own policies in suspending Adrian Peterson when he was charged with child abuse last year. Peterson was charged with striking his son with a wooden switch, and the NFL immediately suspended him from play under the personal conduct policy. This was overturned by district judge David Doty, but now three judges have overturned his ruling, and reinstated the original findings.

Matt Ryan shamed –

Matt Ryan was intercepted in practice yesterday, by his offensive co-ordinator. In a standard passing drill, Kyle Shanahan took to the field for a rep, and promptly picked Ryan off. Slightly embarrassing considering the quality of the targets that he’s working with this year.

Jeffery being cautious –

When you’re playing under the Franchise tag, and you’re looking for a big payday as the number one receiver, but your team wants to pay you less, what do you need like a hole in the head? Injury. Alshon Jeffery, the guy that gets to make Jay Cutler look good, has a minor injury to his hamstring, and considering that he missed seven games with injuries last season, he’s not taking any chances this time round. If he wants his payday, he’s going to have to sit out most of the camp, and let himself recover before he does his best to deliver on the Bears offensive promise.

Bennett sent home –

Michael Bennett, he of many opinions, was ejected from Seahawks training camp yesterday. Apparently, Bennett got a little handsy with left guard Mark Glowinski, and Cliff Avril backed him up. Things flared up a little, and Pete Carroll was having none of it. He sent the biggest mouth in the NFL home to think about things whilst the rest of the team continued practice. Not the best of moves when you’re angling for a contract extension.

McCown out from Browns?

37 year old QB Josh McCown is an apparent target for the Cowboys. Everyone is being very shady about this, with McCown acknowledging the conversation, but letting out no details, and the Browns Coach Hue Jackson has been clear that he thinks it’s a non-issue. It might be a smart move for McCown, with RG333 being given all of the snaps in camp, and two young prospects lining up behind him, he’s looking at a quiet few years at the Browns. The Cowboys have real need for a QB2 to back up their Cracker-based starting passer, when he inevitably breaks another collarbone this season on a bone headed rush for yards. It’s being down played, but this could well happen, I think the Browns are willing to play hardball on this one.

Jets rest Forte –

Matt Forte, the ex-Chicago running back has pulled his hamstring, and the Jets have immediately benched him as a precaution. Smart move on their part, as the veteran running back should spend as little time on the practice field as possible, to ensure he stays healthy for the season. With only 4 games missed in a season as his longest injury time, Forte knows how to stay healthy.

Cowboys embrace Throwback Thursday –

In a clear message to the world that they are down with the kids, the Cowboys put 90’s QB Jason Garrett on the field for Thursday’s practice. The injury riddled Dallas locals have been forced to look to their coaching staff to take reps in an attempt to avoid further injuries this pre-season. This saw Garrett take to the field and throw some passing drills with the rookies. This is vital in the interim, but what if they can’t get a veteran slinger in before the season? Could Garrett be dusting off his cleats?





ICYMI: NFL News – August 5th 2016

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