How far can the Eagles go?

It's been a long time coming for the Philladelphia Eagles, could this be their year to win it all?

The Eagles have not made too big of a stir so far this season. They have had some great performances but talks of them being a top ranking team have recently shaken things up.

Carson Wentz and the offense

Carson Wentz's rookie year was average at best. He made some big plays, threw some touchdowns, but also threw interceptions, got sacked and made bad decisions. He was hiding in the shadows of a few other rookies last year. After five weeks, we can easily say he has risen out from those shadows and is beginning to shine.

Wentz was drafted second overall and threw 16 touchdowns and 14 interceptions his rookie year. He finished the season with a 79.3 QB rating, helped lead the team to a 7-9 season and had a 62 percent completion rate. It was easy to see Wentz wasn't ready for this big of a stage. 

Something changed offseason. If Wentz continues at the pace he is at now, he will shatter his stats from last year. He has thrown ten touchdowns in five games and only three interceptions. The Eagles have scored 20-plus points in every game including the game they lost in Week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Wentz just had his highest-rated game in his career against the Arizona Cardinals. He completed 21 or 30 passes for over 300 yards. Four of those passes put points on the board. The final score was 34-7. 

Although Wentz had an outstanding game, he can't take all the credit. Philadelphia's tight end, Zach Ertz, had a huge game against Arizona. He caught six passes for over 60 yards and a touchdown; the Cardinals defense couldn't find a way to stop him. When they finally thought they had him contained, Nelson Agholor scored another touchdown, bringing his total to three on the season so far. 

The Eagles got it done on the ground as well. Darren Sproles and Wendell Smallwood did not play due to injury but veteran back LeGarrette Blount averaged 5.4 yards per carry with double-digit carries. 

It was all rather quick too. Wentz threw three of his four touchdowns in the first quarter. Philadelphia hit the ground running in this game and brought Eagles fans some magic. Surprisingly, most of the action happened on third down. Wentz went 11-12 on third down conversions and threw three touchdowns on third down. 

Defensive help

Coming into the Arizona game, the Eagles pass-defense was ranked 30th in the league. Their secondary has been their weakest area recently. They were a little soft coming into the season and injury has made it even softer. However, they showed up against the Cardinals, riding the momentum and excitement from the offense. 

Although the secondary is weak, their D-line has done wonders at pressuring and sacking quarterbacks. Defensive ends Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham both finished last week's game with a sack on Arizona's Carson Palmer.  With twelve sacks this season, the Eagles also lead the NFC in forced fumbles. 

Getting to the next level

Altogether the Eagles need to continue playing as a team. They have shown great chemistry on both sides of the ball. Wentz is filled with untapped potential and we have only seen a piece of what he can bring to this league. 

This may just be nitpicky but Wentz could work a bit more on his footwork. He has been great in the pocket and has an amazing arm but when the defense brings pressure, it helps to be able to scramble and still make plays. 

Another potential issue is their running game. Blount has done well so far but the Eagles have seen a lot of injury at this position. If Blount ends up injured, next up is Corey Clement who has only had five touches so far this season. 

Philadelphia needs to take the season one game at a time and work with what they have. They have done some impressive things so far and they've made it look easy. 


A 4-1 record this far is great, it has made them a top-five team in the league, but there's a lot of season left. So far Philadelphia has topped the Washington Redskins, New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers and Arizona Cardinals. They fell short in Week 2 against the Chiefs by a touchdown. 

Going forward they will have to get past teams including the Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. 

Anything could happen from here on out. The NFC East looks wide open for Philadelphia with the way the Redskins, Cowboys, and Giants have played so far. Each week this team is proving they are a playoff-caliber team, but will they sustain this form the rest of the season?

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