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2016 NFL Draft: The good, bad and ugly of Day 2

 The GoodPlayer – Myles JackFinally Myles Jack has found a home, and it is with the Jaguars

 The Good

Player – Myles Jack

Finally Myles Jack has found a home, and it is with the Jaguars. The consensus best skill player in the entire draft, had to wait until day 2 for his name to be called. This was due entirely because of knee injuries and conflicting reports. With the Jaguars pick, they get a hugely talented player, who could have a ten year career or could not even finish his rookie contract, depending on which reports you believe. Regardless of what ifs, Jack’s talent is undeniable, and now he has a chip on shoulder as he had to wait to be picked. The AFC South has been put on notice, the NFL is next.

College – Alabama

The national champions’ players were at a loss as to why they weren’t being taken in the first round of the draft. That all changed when the Crimson Tide started to rack up picks in the second round. If you are a national champion, you expect to go early in the draft, however for all but one Alabama player, the first round was less a dream and more a nightmare. With a log jam of Alabama players available, it was less if, but when, and they didn’t have to wait long to start flying off the board.

NFL – Jacksonville Jaguars

Day one was very good for the Jaguars, day 2 somehow eclipsed this. The Jaguars somehow had Myles Jack just drop into their lap, landing them the most talented player in the entire draft. Then to add to this already exceptional draft, they added a pass rush specialist in Yannick Ngakoue. With starting ends Malik Jackson and a returning Dante Fowler, not to mention Jared Odrick who can play Defensive on running downs, the Jaguars have snagged a pure pass rusher to rotate into their line-up. The Jaguars are getting better every year, and this draft is a huge indicator.  

The Bad

Player – Connor Cook

Connor Cook is not having a fun draft. He wasn’t expected to go in the first round, with Goff, Wentz and Lynch all certain to go before him, however in most circles he was the consensus ‘best of the rest’. After round 3 he is still on the board and Quarterback needy teams have begun to pass on him. All teams approach the draft differently, so it could just be that his eventual suitor had other, more pressing needs. At the moment however, it doesn’t seem like this fall is ending anytime soon.

College – Michigan State

When you get to the college football playoffs, you are undoubtedly a good team, however when only 2 of your players are gone after three rounds, questions begin to be asked. There aren’t many bad situations for colleges in the NFL draft, as their players entering the draft have gone from the school regardless of the round they are picked in. This is more about perceptions of bad, in a subjective manner. Connor Cook falling in the draft is bad for him, but it also puts questions on the college programme. If he is being allowed to drop so far, is it due to his ability or because his programme doesn’t produce players ready for the NFL at Quarterback.

NFL – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Why a Kicker? This is the first question on every fan, rival, analyst and commentator’s lips when talking about the Bucs second round selection of Roberto Aguayo. He is the most accurate Kicker in college football history, which is the only possible for picking a Kicker in round 2, however even with the credentials, it is still a massive reach. If you add to that, the Bucs actually traded an extra 4th round pick in order to get back into the 2nd round to get him. Hopefully he has a golden leg in the NFL, because if he doesn’t this could define the Dirk Koetter era in Tampa Bay.  

The Ugly

Player – Roberto Aguayo

Now just to get this straight, Aguayo has done nothing wrong to be on this list. He is a fantastic player, with a great attitude and is supremely accurate when asked to kick. He is the most accurate player at his position in college football history, something he should and is incredibly proud of. He quite rightly will be ecstatic to have been drafted here, and although many don’t agree with the pick, his record deserves it. The reason, however this pick is ugly is for two distinct reasons. Firstly it seems to have been a huge reach for the Bucs to pick here and giving up a pick too is just madness. The most important reason however, is that now his career will be micro managed. If he kicks perfectly for the next 20 years, no one will congratulate him as he was supposed to do it, but 1 bad day at the office and the whole fan base will condemn him and the coaching staff who selected him.

College – Miami

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Miami University have historically been referred to as Quarterback U, Running Back U, Defensive Back U, Wide Receiver U, you get the drift. A school known for producing talent like a factory has fallen on hard times recently in terms of production. Over the last few years it hasn’t been the same, and this year doesn’t seem like it is ending this new and problematic system. With only one player drafted through the first 3 rounds, this once powerhouse of college football seems to falling behind its rivals in players good enough for the NFL.

NFL – New England Patriots

The Patriots draft has been nothing short of weird so far. Without a first round pick due to the Deflategate Scandal, the Patriots had some catching up to do when they finally began their draft on Friday. Their first pick wasn’t bad when they selected Cyrus Jones, a talented Defensive Back from Alabama, and their second pick of Joe Thuney an offensive guard was more about depth which is always helpful. While these picks didn’t set the world alight, they were solid picks, although both have areas they need to improve. Then it just got weird. Their next selection was a Quarterback in the form of Jacoby Brissett. With a guaranteed and a solid back up this pick doesn’t make any sense, if they want to push Garoppolo to be better, why waste a third round pick, when they could have easily picked the same player in the v5th or 6th round. Their next pick Vincent Valentine, a Defensive Tackle was even more puzzling. He is huge, but that is where his strengths end. He is lazy, out of shape and came out of school after a bad season, he is been massively over drafted, it will take a minor miracle for him to even make the team at this rate. The Patriots are having a downright ugly draft right now and it needs to change quick.

2016 NFL Draft: The good, bad and ugly of Day 2

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