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2016 NFL Draft: Round 6, Picks 176-183 grades & analysis

Pick 176 (Round 6, Pick 1) - Denver Broncos select Andy Janovich, FB, NebraskaPick analysis: 

Pick 176 (Round 6, Pick 1) – Denver Broncos select Andy Janovich, FB, Nebraska

Pick analysis: The first full back of the board and can rush as well as block. Another piece to protect Paxton Lynch and Mark Sanchez. Player analysis: Whether he earns a draft selection late on the final day, or if he joins a team in the fall as a free agent, you can almost guarantee that Janovich will make it extremely tough for the decision makers to cut him as they work down to a squad of 53. He’s going to endear himself to his coaches, who will love his attitude and work ethic, on top of his solid NFL measurables and abilities. A former walk on, Janovich didn’t take long to earn a scholarship with the Cornhuskers after his freshman season, and after contributing all four years he finds himself in a dream position as a combine invite and potential draft selection. He’s worked his way up to this point with so much drive and determination that will work to his advantage in pre-season. What instantly stands out about Janovich is his strength, reflected in the 30 reps on the bench he did as one of the top performers in that drill at the combine, and how he uses it to his advantage on the field to send defenders backwards as a drive blocker. Had he been entering the league this time last year, his great work as a lead blocker wouldn’t be enough to be a pick, as his contributions elsewhere were minimal, with just 3 receptions and no carriers over his first three seasons. With other backs moving on, Janovich finally got a chance to prove he could do more, and chipped in with 42 carries in 2015, averaging 6.31 yards per carry on those touches and 3 scores (admittedly those numbers were helped by a fantastic 55-yard touchdown run against Wisconsin, but he fought for that and did brilliant to stay out in front of the chasing defenders). He still hasn’t added a threat as a receiver, which is a hole in his game right now, but that’s about all that’s missing. Grade: C-    

Pick 177 (Round 6, Pick 2) – Los Angeles Rams select Temarrick Hemingway, TE, South Carolina

Pick analysis: Another player for Goff to aim at, the L.A Rams doing everything to try to make Goff as comfortable as possible. Player analysis: A small school prospect, Hemingway earned an invite to the combine, much in part due to the intriguing frame that he offers at 6ft 5 with a very wide wingspan. That said, he’s built more like a tall wide receiver than is preferable for a tight end. He’s not naturally a bulky, stout guy, having started out as an ultra-skinny 180 lb wide receiver out of high school. Though he’s added weight up to 244 lbs to this point, he still sports a lanky wiry body that might struggle to hold up physically at the next level. The combine itself didn’t quite go to plan either. It seemed the step up from the FCS level over-awed him to some degree, looking nervous and making errors in the running of certain drills during his positional workout and getting flustered. It raises concerns of handling responsibility in the NFL. In fairness, he looks much more composed and accomplished in his role on film. He backs up his length that is perfect to reach up and pluck balls out of the air with smooth fluid movement around the field, and the all-important ability to create separation with his route running. Unfortunately though, given that he’ll need to work over the middle of the field a lot, he lets the potential of incoming contact affect him at times, bracing himself for a hit that might be coming that results in losing focus on the ball and failing to make fairly routine plays on occasion. His blocking isn’t going to earn him a living either. Given his size is his primary asset, it’s disappointing that he hasn’t been a more effective red zone target, and only had 1 touchdown reception this season. There’s a talented athlete to potentially develop in Hemmingway, but he certainly appears to be a bit of a project before being ready to contribute in the pros. Grade: C+  

Pick 178 (Round 6, Pick 3) – Kansas City Chiefs select DJ White, CB, Georgia Tech

Pick analysis: KC pick up a Cornerback in an attempt to replace the loss of Sean Smith, Depth is very important, and this is what White gives them. Player analysis: White’s lack of size and speed hurts his grade unfortunately, because he has outstanding vision and awareness that sees him regularly making big time plays.  His 2014 season was arguably more impressive than this past year, where he was a little less effective, and when he isn’t able to make those plays, his lack of ideal measurables tend to show up and hence limits his grade. Grade: B-    

Pick 179 (Round 6, Pick 4) – San Diego Chargers select Drew Kaser, P, Texas A&M

Pick analysis: The first Punter of the draft and it is a player who put a third of his punts inside the 20 last year. The Chargers struggled on Offence last year, Kaser puts them in better positions. Player analysis: Drew Kaser is our 5th-ranked specialist, and 3rd-ranked punter, in this year’s draft. Grade: B+    

Pick 180 (Round 6, Pick 5) – Minnesota Vikings select Moritz Boehringer, WR, German Football League

Pick analysis: A wonderful story, started watching Football at age 17 and he becomes the first ever straight from Europe Draftee. Really good player who can contribute from day 1. Player analysis: Moritz Boehringer is our 35th-ranked receiver in this year’s draft. Grade: A+    

Pick 181 (Round 6, Pick 6) – Jacksonville Jaguars select Tyrone Holmes, DE, Montana

Pick analysis: The Jaguars D line is downright scary, and Holmes is another piece in this rotation. Player analysis: He played a lot as a down lineman for the Grizzlies, but at 6ft 2 & 253 lbs will probably rush more from a two-point stance at the next level. Holmes’ film is just awesome, with a fantastic combo of speed and power to win and cause endless disruption, and saw him have a huge statistical senior season as a result with 87 tackles, 21.5 TFLs, 18 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. He’s more than a pass rusher though, with outstanding play in pursuit, flying to the sidelines and hitting hard but fair with great technique. A really underrated player. Grade: C  

Pick 182 (Round 6, Pick 7) – Baltimore Ravens select Keenan Reynolds, QB, Navy

Pick analysis: Played QB at Navy however will convert to running back or wide receiver. An athlete and will help the Ravens around the offence. Player analysis: We have Keenan Reynolds listed as a wide receiver. He is our 27th-ranked receiver in this year’s draft. Grade: C+  

Pick 183 (Round 6, Pick 8) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Devante Bond, LB, Oklahoma

Pick analysis: The Bucs take Bond here to help with competition in a Linebacker Corps that is getting younger. Player analysis: Devante Bond is our 43rd-ranked linebacker in this year’s draft. Grade: C

2016 NFL Draft: Round 6, Picks 176-183 grades & analysis

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