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2016 NFL Draft: Picks 184-191 grades & analysis

Pick 184 (Round 6, Pick 9) - New York Giants select Jerell Adams, TE, South CarolinaPick analysis: 

Pick 184 (Round 6, Pick 9) – New York Giants select Jerell Adams, TE, South Carolina

Pick analysis: Adams is the newest player joining the Giants as primarily an added blocker for Eli Manning. Player analysis: His career numbers don’t exactly jump off the page, but then Adams hasn’t exactly been put in a great situation to produce at any point in his career with the Gamecocks. There’s no question though that there is big upside to Adams once he finally finds himself in a situation to succeed and make the most of his obvious talents. Having played multiple spots on both sides of the ball in high school, and considered someone who might be a defender in college, he’s taken some time to develop and learn to play tight end full time. He also found himself limited in his opportunities behind the older, more tenured Rory Anderson for a couple seasons. His chance to finally be number one on the depth chart at tight end for his senior season was squandered for the most part due to a grossly ineffective offense that South Carolina fielded all year with some awful quarterback play throughout from a series of passers tried over the season. All this resulted in a final year with a modest 28 catches for 421 yards (15.0 yards per catch) and 3 touchdowns. His career totalled 66 receptions for 977 yards and 7 scores. When he was targeted, his ability as a receiver was clear, utilising his long rangy frame with a large catching radius to his advantage, and his outstanding quickness and fluidity as a runner, moving like a man much smaller. An area where he excelled at was forcing missed tackles after the catch, maximising on his limited number of plays. For all his skills to contribute in the pass game, and despite a fairly lean frame (he was noted for his skinny lower body during weigh-ins at the Senior Bowl), Adams is a very talented blocker. Lining up inline, Adams could easily be mistaken for an actual offensive tackle with his technique and natural kick-slide when taking on those duties. He graded out as one of the top blocking tight ends in the country in 2015. Adams is a “traits over production” prospect, who is easy to project having a more effective pro career than he could show in college, with a high ceiling. A further selling point to teams is his high character and high IQ, regularly being awarded on the SEC academic honour roll and other student-athlete awards over his time with the Gamecocks. It seems very unlikely that he will still be on the board by the end of day 2 this coming draft. Grade: C-


Pick 185 (Round 6, Pick 10) – Chicago Bears select DeAndre Houston-Carson, S, William & Mary

Pick analysis: The Bears are getting old on the backend and they have found themselves a project they can bring on in their own time to start. Player analysis: A small school safety, and an outstanding one too with excellent game film. While he’s possibly not quite quick enough to play there at the NFL level, his good football IQ has seen him perform impressively at corner for the Tribe for three seasons before converting to free safety for his senior year. In both roles, regardless of where he lines up, he consistently has shown really good discipline and positioning, uses polished technique both in coverage and when tackling, with good angles taken and brings some physicality too. As a corner, he put his good eyes and play reading ability to line up off man and play in zone coverage concepts. Playing off was required due to lacking ideal deep speed to stick with faster receivers on go routes, and facilitated the move to safety. That likely would have happened in the NFL even if he’d continued at corner for William & Mary his final year, but the fact that he got a full season of experience there and performed to a high level is a big plus. Even if he does need a bit of time to learn and adjust, he can contribute early on special teams in the meantime, where he’s had a big impact on all units despite being one of the team’s most talented starters. He even went on a run of blocking 3 kicks in 3 consecutive games at one point. Houston-Carson is a decisive safety, quick to make his move downhill with an aggressive playing style. He’ll take a few chances playing that way that opens up gaps behind him, but hopefully can find a good balance that doesn’t curb his instincts too much. He can make plays on the ball as well, and has 10 interceptions to his name over his college career. The talented defensive back has the experience to possibly contribute and cover at several spots in the secondary, with a great work ethic and attitude both on and off the field. In fact, something that has emerged over the course of this process so far has been many people talking very highly of Houston-Carson’s character, that he speaks well and impresses those he meets. There’s plenty to like about this prospect, both as a player and person. Grade: C  

Pick 186 (Round 6, Pick 11) – Miami Dolphins select Jakeem Grant, WR, Texas Tech

Pick analysis: Jakeem Grant is a match up nightmare and the Dolphins need playmakers, it is a fit and he should contribute early and often. Player analysis: Jakeem Grant is our 57th-ranked receiver in this year’s draft. Grade: B+  

Pick 187 (Round 6, Pick 12) – Washington Redskins select Nate Sudfeld, QB, Indiana

Pick analysis: The Redskins have their Quarterback in Kirk Cousins, so Sudfeld will be brought in to back him up and learn from him for the future. Player analysis: He isn’t one of the better known names in this year’s QB class, in part due to playing for the Hoosiers, who have not been known as a particularly strong football program over the years. In addition, limited playing time in his first couple years was followed by a season-ending injury in 2014 after finally earning the full time starting role. He was able to show what he could do for an entire year in 2015 as a senior, which included some impressive numbers in throwing for 3573 yards, and 27 touchdowns to just 7 interceptions. He’s yet another who has a big frame at 6ft 6 & 234 lbs with a strong arm that can hit the sidelines and launch the ball deep, but has shown some impressive touch throws too. The accuracy overall though is very inconsistent, missing on a number of throws that led to a very pedestrian 60% completion this year. There often seems to be no good reason for missing his target, frequently doing so under no real pressure, and it might be something that will always be an issue. He’s a guy who needs to sit a couple years, in part due to the system he’s coming from. The Indiana system lacks pro concepts, and significantly, doesn’t ask for Sudfeld to make too many of his own reads, often being dictated to from the sidelines for any pre-snap adjustments. The foundations are all there to build on though and the potential to maybe develop into a starting-calibre NFL quarterback if he can find a way to be more consistent with his throws. On top of his ideal size and arm, the mechanics are good, albeit with a slightly elongated motion and release. He checked off plenty of boxes with his practice performances during the East-West Shrine All-Star week that proved to be a positive step in the process for Sudfeld and helped his stock. Grade: C  

Pick 188 (Round 6, Pick 13) – Minnesota Vikings select David Morgan II, TE, Texas – San Antonio

Pick analysis: The Vikings need weapons for Bridgewater and through this draft they have remade their Receiving Corps, it is becoming a little saturated though. Player analysis: Morgan is a bit of an over-achiever who will need to continue to do so to make it in the NFL. He’s slow and heavy-footed, is not going to create separation with his routes or out-jump anyone to high point catches. Yet he’s exceptionally tough, physical and hard-working that could see him stick around for a long career. Morgan uses his body well to help him make plays and is a superb blocker, taking pride in driving his man back and to the ground. There’s a bit of an ego and confidence there too and belief that helps his chances – earlier in the year he described himself as having the football skills of Jason Witten and the personality of Rob Gronkowski. He began the season in superb style with a big game against good opposition in Arizona, with 9 receptions for 109 yards and a touchdown. Overall for the year he compiled a very respectable 45 catches for 566 yards and 5 scores. The combine also worked in his favour, looking one of the more technically accomplished across the positional workout. Grade: D+  

Pick 189 (Round 6, Pick 14) – Dallas Cowboys select Anthony Brown, CB, Purdue

Pick analysis: The Cowboys have struggled recently with early round Cornerbacks, they will hope Brown is a project they can work on and make into a starter. Player analysis: Yet another speedster with 4.3 speed and a track background.  Brown shows a very solid overall skill set, with no real weaknesses in his game.  In coverage he shows excellent natural instincts and high football IQ for the position, with impressive field awareness that sees him firstly keep tight coverage but also know when to leave him man and make a play on the ball.  The problem is despite that he gave up far too many touchdowns that he shouldn’t and really frustrates with the inconsistency in his play.  The skill set on offer doesn’t often enough match up with the execution. Grade: C+  

Pick 190 (Round 6, Pick 15) – Los Angeles Rams select Josh Forrest, LB, Kentucky

Pick analysis: Forrest comes into a Rams team who have recently lost their Middle Linebacker, Forrest will hopefully come in and help to replace his production. Player analysis: Josh Forrest is our 33rd-ranked linebacker in this year’s draft. Grade: A-  

Pick 191 (Round 6, Pick 16) – Detroit Lions select Jake Rudock, QB, Michigan

Pick analysis: The Lions pick up an insurance policy, and a backup for Matthew Stafford. Player analysis: Jake Rudock is our 17th-ranked quarterback in this year’s draft. Grade: C

2016 NFL Draft: Picks 184-191 grades & analysis

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