Previews and Predictions

Toronto has an excellent chance to end the poor run of two consecutive defeats when they meet the Phoenix Suns at home.
Dallas is looking to extend their unbeaten run against the Lakers to 14 matches, while Los Angeles is hoping to win a first game since 2013.
The red-hot Warriors travel to Orlando to face the struggling Magic.
Memphis will try to defeat the Rockets for the third time this season, while Houston is looking to bounce back after last night’s home loss to t...
Milwaukee is hoping to avoid a fifth straight defeat while Miami wants to continue in fine form and secure their third victory in a row. 
Utah is searching for a sixth straight win, while Indiana wants to bounce back after last night’s surprising defeat at Staples Center against th...
Sacramento is hoping to avoid fifth straight defeat, while Chicago is looking for the seventh consecutive home victory over the Kings. 
Atlanta is searching the sixth home win in seven games, while the 76ers are hoping to secure the fourth victory in a row. 
Brooklyn finally ended their 11-game losing streak with the last night’s win in New Orleans. They now face Charlotte who is looking for a third ...
The injured Clippers travel to face the high-scoring Nuggets in Denver.
John Wall and the Washington Wizards travel to face the Pistons.
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