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NCAAM AP Top 25 Rankings: Week 10

NCAAM College basketball continues to bring excitement and thrill to fans across the globe with close games and upsets. We look at the changes in this week's AP Top 25 rankings and what teams continue to win. 

After some big upset games, the AP Top 25 Rankings for Week 10 have been released and the top three teams have slightly shifted. Only two teams are left undefeated and previously number one Villanova received their first loss against Butler. Here is the updated AP Top 25 list, their record and each team’s previous ranking.

AP Top 25 Rankings

1. Baylor 15-0 (previously 2)

2. Kansas 14-1 (previously 3) 

3. Villanova 15-1 (previously 1)

4. UCLA 16-1 (previously 4) 

5. Gonzaga 15-0 (previously 5)

6. Kentucky 13-2 (previously 6)

7. Duke 14-2 (previously 8)

8. Creighton 15-1 (previously 10)

9. Florida State 15-1 (previously 12)

10. West Virginia 13-2 (previously 7)

11. North Carolina 14-3 (previously 14)

12. Butler 14-2 (previously 18)

13. Oregon 15-2 (previously 15)

14. Louisville 13-3 (previously 9)

15. Xavier 13-2 (previously 16) 

16. Arizona 15-2 (previously 17)

17. Purdue 14-3 (previously 20)

18. Wisconsin 13-3 (previously 13)

19. Virginia 12-3 (previously 11)

20. Notre Dame 14-2 (previously 23)

21. Saint Mary’s 14-1 (previously 19)

22. Cincinnati 13-2 (previously 22)

23. Florida 12-3 (previously 24)

24. Minnesota 15-2 (previously unranked)

25. USC 15-2 (previously 25)

Virginia Tech was bumped from the Top 25 list. 


This is the first week in a while we have seen a different team on top. Villanova’s big loss to the Butler Bulldogs paved the way for one of the last two undefeated teams, Baylor, to be on top. Some say Baylor has had a easy schedule so far and their wins don’t mean as much. To date, Baylor has played 11 unranked teams and only four top 25 teams. This might be the reason the Bears are undefeated, it’s easy to win when you play teams with less talent than you. The four ranked teams Baylor have played so far include Oregon, Michigan State, Louisville, and Xavier. Three of these four games Baylor won by 10 points or more. Their game against Louisville was close but Baylor’s close game was against Iowa State with a final score of 65-63. This goes to show ranking isn’t everything. Each team brings different threats to the court and one slip-up could cost any team its high ranking. 

A good example of how numbers and rankings don’t matter is how previously number 18 Butler bumped Villanova from the top spot. The first half was back and forth and Villanova was on top 31-27 going into halftime. The way the Wildcats were playing seemed to be more dominant until Butler kicked into overdrive in the last three minutes of the game. This broke Villanova’s 20 game win streak. Villanova could not get the ball into the hoop and only shot 37 percent from the field and 23 percent from beyond the three-point line in this game. There is still plenty of college hoops to come with more upsets on the horizon as we get closer and closer to the big dance. 

Do Baylor deserve to be Number 1? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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NCAAM AP Top 25 Rankings: Week 10

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