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UFC 215 Predictions: Demetrious Johnson vs Ray Borg

The main event features the historic flyweight champion taking on someone who is not the historic flyweight champion for a record breaking defense.

Demetrious Johnson

This is the greatest champion in UFC history, period.

Every time we think that someone’s found a weakness, Demetrious Johnson (26-2-1) just perseveres and then shores it up. Joseph Benavidez managed to give “Mighty Mouse” a very close fight for the inaugural belt, but in the rematch, the champion found the gap in his defence and laid Benavidez out cold. John Dodson managed to clip him when he changed stances, but found no openings the second time around and was utterly dominated.  

How is that even fair?

He can kickbox, he can use knees and elbows, he’s an incredible wrestler and submission artist and his cardio never fades. He’ll finish opponents at every opportunity and, if he can’t, is more than delighted to make them look like amateurs for the full five rounds. 

The only way to even make it close, it seems, is to not give a damn. Tim Elliott was supposed to be one of the lowest quality opponents Johnson had faced but he gave him one heck of a fight. He went in close, wrestled him, when he got taken down he attempted submission after submission and truly rattled the champion. Johnson would recover his composure and win four out of five rounds but it seems that the best way to fight the champion is to not respect him at all.

Ray Borg

Why Ray Borg (11-2) needed a nickname, I have no clue; he already sounds like a cybernetic hitman. But no, he had to go and assault the English language by calling himself the “Tazmexican Devil”. 

For all intents and purposes, Borg is the typical wrestler-boxer.

He’s most comfortable getting in close and dragging opponents to the ground where he’ll work short shots to score points until a submission presents itself. On the feet, he isn’t a world-beater, but his punches are smooth and carry power beyond that of a typical flyweight. He’s stocky, even by flyweight standards, which seems to amplify his strength both on the ground and the feet. He seems to acknowledge this because unlike other short fighters he doesn’t overreach; he’s willing to use his feet to get inside range.

If there’s one thing that sets Borg apart, it is that he is an absolute scrapper on the ground. He’ll get reversed, reverse right back, fight his way out of submissions and go right back trying to get the other guy out of there. Technically speaking, focusing on keeping the top position is much safer but this indicates that Borg is never out of a fight even when on his back.


One of these guys is Johnson and the other guy isn’t. The only question is whether or not Mighty Mouse can finish Borg. The challenger may be dynamic, but he’s never fought five rounds and the champion wants to make his record-breaking defence memorable.

Johnson via Submission

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UFC 215 Predictions: Demetrious Johnson vs Ray Borg

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