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At UFC 211, Frankie Edgar proves he is here to stay

At UFC 211 Frankie Edgar shot down potential future contender Yair Rodriguez in dominating fashion. What does the future hold for both fighters?

When the matchup of Yair Rodriguez versus Frankie Edgar was first announced, many fans and media hypothesized that this would be a great opportunity for Yair to come earn an upset and establish himself as a contender in the division. However, at UFC 211 in Dallas, Texas, Frankie “The Answer” Edgar made a strong statement to the contrary.

Coming into this fight there was a lot of hype surrounding Yair and his unorthodox striking ability, and questions surrounded Edgar’s ability to avoid the knockout. However, Edgar refused to be used as a stepping stone in the division, and it showed in his performance.

Edgar put his relentless pressure game into motion and overwhelmingly outclassed Rodriguez on the ground, causing huge swelling in one of his opponent’s eyes. This ultimately caused the doctor to call the fight and resulted in a TKO stoppage victory for Edgar. This victory was a reminder for everyone of Frankie Edgar’s greatness, and that he’s still on his never-ending quest for the title.

What’s next for both?

After this loss, Yair will be trying to figure out how to get back in the win column, while the UFC will be looking to rebuild his star power. There are still a few options at featherweight available for the rising star. Yair could take on another up and coming prospect in Jason Knight, who is now on a four-fight win steak following his victory at UFC 211.

Another option for Yair is to face a grizzled UFC veteran inside the top 15.

Picking up a victory against an established name could make fans forget about his performance against Edgar. Two names come to mind that do not have fights currently scheduled. The first is Renan Barao, who is a former UFC bantamweight champion and now ranked #15 at featherweight. An impressive victory over the former champion could be exactly the boost Yair needs.

However, the most realistic bout could be Jeremy Stephens. He’s coming off of back-to-back losses, but is ranked #8 in the UFC rankings right now. Stephens loves to strike, as does Yair, which could make for a very entertaining scrap.

Frankie Edgar appears to be playing the waiting game yet again, this time for a title shot.

Edgar has run through his entire division for the most part and it will be difficult to find a matchup for him that makes sense. Every other fighter in the top 10 he has already defeated, or they currently have a bout scheduled.

It’d be hard to sell a third shot with Jose Aldo so soon after their last fight. The only matchup right now that makes any sense would be against Max Holloway; the problem with that is, he’s already set to face Jose Aldo next month at UFC 212 for the undisputed title.Win or lose, the next fight to make is Edgar versus Holloway. If Holloway beats Aldo then it will be a title fight. If not, then it will be a fun contender fight that the fans have yet to see.

Whatever lies ahead for Edgar, we know for certain that he has proved time and time again: never underestimate him.

 Do you think Edgar should fight Holloway next? Who would be the best fighter for Yair to rebound against? Share your thoughts with us below!

Who should each fighter challenge next? Is Edgar vs. Holloway the next fight to make? Let us know your thoughts below!

Riley Pool

Product of Florida. Follower of the NBA, College Football, and above all MMA. I write things.

At UFC 211, Frankie Edgar proves he is here to stay

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