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What’s next for the women’s 145 lbs division

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Since the UFC brought in the women’s division after turning the idea down on multiple occasions and following the debut of the bantamweights, which crowned Ronda Rousey the first ever UFC Women’s champion, many have demanded a 145 lbs weight class, including the fighters.

The reigning featherweight champion of Invicta, Cris ‘Cyborg’ was signed to the UFC, in which she would compete at bantamweight; a division that gave the Brazilian native a lot of trouble regarding weight cutting. This would fuel a non-stop campaign for the new weight class in the UFC, and though this idea was also pushed to the side, it was only a matter of time before her stardom would force Dana White and the rest of the organization to bring in the 145ers.

Holly Holm and Germaine De Randamie

At UFC 208, the women’s featherweight division will make its debut, but what was strange was that Cris ‘Cyborg’ had nothing to do with the inaugural title fight. In the main event of the PPV card, it will be Holy Holm (10-2) vs Germaine De Randamie (6-3), with the winner being crowned the first UFC’s Women’s Featherweight Champion. Question is, how come after months of campaigning, that  ‘Cyborg’ isn’t a part of the debut of the division she’s the champion of in Invicta

Shortly after news broke that the featherweights would make their debut, it was reported that ‘Cyborg’ had failed her post-fight drug test, and could face up to a year-long suspension. Via: TMZ, Dana White spoke out, stating he thought it was weird that Cris was turning down fights taking place inside the 145lbs weight class, but it all became clear following her positive drug tests. Though the Brazilian is fighting the test results, no further news has arisen regarding her official suspension and when she can compete again.

Brooklyn, NY, the home of UFC 208 will bring forth a new title holder, new opportunities, and the chance for Holly Holm or Germaine De Randamie to become the first ever 145 lbs champ.

Coming off back-to-back losses, Holm is looking to make a name for herself in a new weight class, and with a win at UFC 208, she would become the first Women in UFC history to have held two titles from two divisions. Holm won her first championship after knocking out the bantamweight superstar, Ronda Rousey, which left the world at a stand still and in shock. Now facing a tough up-and-coming contender, she looks to put herself back in the win column, while De Radnamie will be looking to continue her own streak. Currently on a two-fight win streak, with ‘Cyborg’ out of the picture (for now), ‘The Iron Lady will now go toe to toe with the former 135 lbs champion, looking to prove her fighting ability, and also to etch her name in UFC history.

So, whats next?

What happens after both Holm and Randamie fight for the title? Who’s next? With this new addition comes many questions, especially from the woman who arguably is responsible for building the featherweight division. Nothing at this moment is clear, with a roster yet to be announced, however, it’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing some of the up-and-coming Invicta stars making their UFC debut to compete at 145. Dates are also to be arranged and it is unknown if contracts have been signed or discussed. But it seems as though we’ll have to wait for further news following UFC 208, which takes place on Feb. 11th, 2017 in Brooklyn.

A new division makes its debut, a new champion will arise – history will be made.



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What’s next for the women’s 145 lbs division

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