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UFC 200: Worst moments

UFC 200 probably best symbolized what makes MMA so great: It was interesting. While we thought just when things couldn’t get any worse with Jon Jones’ drug problems as of late, low and behold, he almost doomed UFC 200 by yet again failing his drug tests, if not for the saving grace of Anderson Silva. What made this card was some of the spectacular fights and outcomes that took place throughout this event, providing us with some really great moments that will stay in our heads for a while. But the bad is never too far from the good, as it also produced so not so spectacular incidents.

For this article, we are going to take a look back at some of the worst moments of UFC 200.

1. Daniel Cormier Disappointed

UFC 200 was supposed to be one of the most memorable events in MMA history, and while that will be discussed in this article, it probably will be recognized for all the wrong reasons. UFC 200 was an event that fans were anticipating for because of the rivalry between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. There was so much history between the two fighters as ‘Johnny Bones’ had defeated ‘DC’ to retain his title, but his controversies outside of the ring forced the UFC’s hand and caused them to strip the title, which Daniel Cormier eventually won after he defeated Anthony Johnson.

This was supposed to be the return of the prince who tried to reclaim the throne, the rematch between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, but this didn’t come to happen. Jon was busted for taking some form of PED’s, and as a result, he was pulled from the card and went some way to dooming the event. Luckily Anderson Silva volunteering to step in and fight Cormier at just a couple of days notice.

While everyone expected Cormier to win this fight, it was incredibly boring to watch. Daniel was taking Anderson down every time he went for the legs and then…nothing. He couldn’t really manage to mount any type of offense against a guy who only had literally days to prepare for the fight. Whether or not Daniel was fighting conservatively as a precaution, it didn’t really help justify the fact that this was at UFC 200; supposedly the biggest card in UFC history.

2. Johny Hendricks struggles with weight cut…again

At this point, this seems to be a repeat of groundhog day when it comes to Johny Hendricks. This isn’t the first time ‘Big Rig’ has had to deal with issues on cutting weight, and it certainly didn’t help that he looked exhausted at both the weigh-ins and in his fight against Kelvin Gastelum. Fair play to the former welterweight champion for constantly moving forward and trying to create some action, but Kelvin’s slick striking was just too much for Hendricks to handle.

Add to the fact that his horrible weight cut helped contributed to how awful and slow he looked throughout the fight, it’s understandable that the former welterweight champion, who was knocking people out with massive left hooks not too long ago, had a very disappointing performance.

3. Sage wasn’t so ‘Super’

Sage Northcutt had a lot of hype entering the UFC. Northcutt is young, talented and built like a Greco-Roman statue, who’s managed to get two finishes in his first two UFC fights. Of course, that hype quickly faded and died after his devastating loss to Bryan Barberena.

Enter his opponent, a relatively unknown fighter by the name of Enrique Marin, who a lot of people were expecting to lose to Super Sage, and while Sage did get his hand raised in the end, this fight really did nothing to help solidify Northcutt’s as a threat in the lightweight division.

Yes, his fight with Marin was exciting to watch and it was very back and forth, but it also showed that he has a lot of flaws that he needs to work on. His wrestling was underwhelming and he was in serious trouble several times, whenever the fight hit the floor. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but I don’t think training with his dad at this point is going to help him if he is going to have performances like this.

4. The prelims were better

For all the hype that was generated for UFC 200, especially for the main events, it didn’t really live up to expectations. It’s pretty fair to say that the prelims for UFC 200 were far more exciting to watch than the main event, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. The stadium began to fill up by the time the preliminaries were finished, which means that a lot of people who spent their money going there to watch in person may have left with a sour taste in their mouth.

Perhaps that’s because of the fact that Jon Jones’ ridiculous actions caused him to be pulled from his much-anticipated rematch with Cormier, Add to it that Cormier’s fight with Anderson Silva was a pretty much a bore along with the Brock Lesnar-Mark Hunt fight, and it’s easy to compare just how much better the prelims were compared to the main card.

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UFC 200: Worst moments

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