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UFC 200: Best Moments

UFC 200 probably best symbolized what makes MMA so great. Just when things couldn’t get any worse with Jon Jones’ drug problems as of late, low and behold, he almost doomed UFC 200 by yet again failing his drug tests, if not for the saving grace of Anderson Silva. What made this card was the fact that it had, on paper, some of the most highly anticipated fights and wonderful performances that took place throughout this event which helped give us some really great moments that will stay in our heads for a while. On the other hand, we some that were not too good. For this article, we are going to take a look back at some of the best moments of UFC 200.


Aldo is reborn

After Jose Aldo’s humiliating 13-second knockout loss to Conor McGregor, we all wondered, “What next?” How will he rise up from the ashes of his engulfing defeat, especially against an always game opponent in Frankie Edgar, who since his loss to Jose Aldo.

Edgar nowadays has significantly improved from the days when he was the featherweight champion a few years ago picking up impressive victories over Cub Swanson, Uriah Faber, and Chad Mendes. And like the mythical Phoenix, Aldo sure rose and erupted into new flames.

Most people thought that this fight would initially be even closer than their first fight, including I. Man, were we proven wrong by Aldo. Throughout this fight, it was interesting to see Frankie make Aldo backpedal so much, yet ironically seem ever so far away from catching him. Jose was constantly using the ‘stick and move’ strategy, always moving around to preserve his stamina while picking Frankie apart with counters. Whenever Frankie shot in for a takedown, Jose would just shove him off with his impregnable takedown defense, whilst simultaneously battering him with knees.

Even after the fight was over, Jose still looked like he was ready to fight even more and looked unsatisfied with his interim belt. He then decided to call out Conor, who was in the stands. This was probably Jose’s best fight in his career and I can’t wait to see the rematch between him and Conor.

Cain is back 

Coming into this fight, not a lot of people really expected Cain Velasquez to lose. In fact, we all expected him to dominate, but it was still pretty exciting to see Cain fight after such a long layoff. It was fun to see Velasquez try out new techniques in his arsenal, like those wheel kicks that he managed to land on Travis Brown, while still easily rag dolling someone as large as the 6’7 Hawaiian around like as if he was just a lifeless gym bag.

If we’ve learned anything from this fight, it’s that Cain can definitely become the champion of the heavyweight division – assuming that he can finally stay healthy. He doesn’t have the looks to show it, but Cain is absolutely relentless. He loves to get into his opponents faces and just start wearing them down with his ever improving boxing, along with his flawless transitions into his wrestling. With his never ending gas tank, he’s a nightmare for most heavyweights.

Brock Lesnar is entertaining 

It was a great decision by the UFC to bring back Brock Lesnar. There were some questions as to whether the WWE star, after being away from the sport for years, would be the same animal he was before. While Brock showed that he’s still one dimensional and the fight itself was uneventful, it was still fun to watch Brock being able to his opponents with numerous double leg takedowns.

What’s even better is his larger than life persona, combined with his size and freak athleticism and appeal to sports fans, it’s great to have Brock Lesnar back in the UFC. Then again, Brock Lesnar said it best, “Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants” and what better way to give the fans what they want then to see that human freight train known as fight again?


Amanda Nunes is frightening 

Many people expected this fight to be exciting as when Miesha Tate had just won the title from Holy Holm, the woman who finished Ronda Rousey.  While Amanda Nunes managed to go on a three-fight win streak, we all believed that it would be Miesha Tate who was going to get her hand raised, but alas, this was not meant to be and it’s what makes the sport so exciting. MMA always manages to surprise us and completely destroy our predictions.

Amanda Nunes absolutely battered Miesha Tate from the moment that bell rang in the first round. She pretty much picked Miesha apart with her beautiful jabs and crisp combinations, that broke Miesha’s nose and ended up locking in a rear naked choke to get the win. Ever since Ronda’s defeat, the 135 lbs women’s division has become a whole lot more interesting and the title keeps changing hands like a game of hot potato. Whether Nunes will be able to defend her belt is another question to be asked, but for now, let’s just sit here and enjoy what an incredible performance she put on for the UFC’s 200th-anniversary card.

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UFC 200: Best Moments

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