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Top 5 trash talkers in MMA

In a sport where the mind is just as important as the physical, we take a look at the most successful fighters that have mastered the gift of the gab

  1. 5 "King Mo" Lawal

    'King Mo' Lawal is on this list more so for the lighthearted nature of his trash talk and just sheer hilarity of the way he approaches clowning his opponents rather than trashing them and making them look bad. 

    Whether it's calling Rampage every old man nickname in the book or hilariously comparing Gegard Mousasi's voice to Kermit the Frog, whenever 'King Mo' gets on the mic to dress you down, it's gonna be something special. 

    As he gears up for another return to the cage for possibly later in the year, fingers will be crossed for a possible rematch with either Mousasi or Rampage Jackson as multiple divisions seem to be possible for the former champion.

  2. 4 The Diaz Brothers - Nick & Nate Diaz

    The Diaz brothers feature on this list not so much for their pre-planned verbal jabs before the fight, but more so for the larger than life reactions during the fight that both fighters are prone to give. 

    Through their actions, the Diaz brothers work tirelessly to frustrate the opponent with a barrage of volume punches and all kinds of intimidating shenanigans to make the fighter wince, flinch or duck in bemusement.

     Both Diaz brothers have made a career out of being the toughest guy in the cage, and the 'kill or be killed' mentality exemplified by the Stockton natives is a testament to their toughness that was bred in a situation of necessity for both brothers at a young age.

  3. 3 Michael Bisping

    Michael Bisping has made a career out of being the disrespectful loud mouth that can whoop your ass. 

    As he made his way to the title after a freak knockout win over Luke Rockhold last year, he has taken his victory lap around the world in stride as he continues to be that same polarizing figure on and off camera, and the list of fighters wanting to take him out for that role grows by the day. 

    For Bisping, this is all according to plan as his ploys for talking trash and getting underneath people's skin works better everyday, and as he looks for his last few fights to crown his storied career all the cards are in his favor now with another main fight at MSG against a fellow legend of the sport in Georges St. Pierre this November.

  4. 2 Chael Sonnen

    Chael Sonnen was the first to really revolutionize the game with his words outside of the cage. 

    When you really think about fighters that have 'talked their way' into their biggest fights, there is no bigger example of that than Chael Sonnen with his incessant berating of fighters that everyone else would worship like Anderson Silva and Demian Maia. 

    Since his suspension, Sonnen has taken his talents to the Bellator cage as he looks to make more noise in a division that lacks his style of 'charisma' and his recent bouts have provided that extra level of grit as of late, and he will be looking to make that trend continue as the level of competition at Bellator continues to rise.

  5. 1 Conor McGregor

    Who else could it be to top the list? 

    When it comes to new school MMA fighters dominating on the microphone, no fighter comes to mind that can rival "The Notorious" as he has done the talk and walked the walk on the way to being the first two-division world champion in the most elite promotion in the game. 

    As the journey continues for the Irishman and his legend transcends sports, skies are truly the limit for Conor McGregor as he looks to continue to set the bar for what an MMA fighter can do in this new era of the sport. Through the control of his language and body in and out of the cage, he has taken his career to unimaginable heights in record timing, and his path will surely be the precedent for what any successful MMA fighter can hope for in the future.

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Top 5 trash talkers in MMA

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