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RealSport Meets BAMMA’s Newest Star, Daniel Crawford

Fresh off a debut victory at BAMMA 29, I got the chance to catch up with rising MMA star Daniel Crawford.

In a rather eventful little corner in South London, rising MMA talent Daniel Crawford (9-1) has been creating a bit of a buzz.

The 24-year-old has earned himself a pretty impressive reputation, and was last seen making light work of the considerably more experienced Ronnie Mann during BAMMA’s latest offering in Birmingham, England. 

What’s more impressive was Crawford’s debut performance. The Londoner was able to do what only one other man has, which was to stop the ‘Iron Mann’. This is quite the feat, considering Mann has had exactly 35 fights. The 30-year-old previously fought Frenchman Damien Lapilus for the vacant BAMMA featherweight title, losing by unanimous decision.    

With an impressive stoppage behind him, Crawford should soon find himself in the title picture in what would be the biggest fight in his young career. I got the chance to ask Daniel a few questions in order to find out a little more about one of the UK’s brightest prospects.


Daniel BinnzyCongratulations on your win last weekend and in your BAMMA debut, how are you feeling? 

Daniel Crawford: I feel good, another win another step closer to where I want to be. 

What did you learn from your fight and did Ronnie Mann do what you expected him to? 

I learned from my fight with Ronnie Mann that I’m a different level from these other guys; but, he was a strong guy and that caught me off guard a little bit. 

Got your eye on your next opponent? I’m pretty sure Lapilus is on your radar? 

My eye is mainly focused on getting good wins but the belt looks good to me too. 

Where do you see yourself this time in, let’s say three years, because five year plans are so mainstream? 

In the next three to five years I plan to be an established MMA fighter making a full time living, and living comfortably. 

Who is Daniel Crawford? What are you about? 

Daniel Crawford is about bringing something different to the table, slick skills and the finishing ability to match! 

Describe your style in a sentence, you can get as creative as you want:

Relaxed, adaptable and in your face is how I would describe my style. 

Who would be your ‘dream’ active opponent be? 

My dream opponent would be the guy you think I can’t beat just to show you I can. But in a dream scenario I would like to be a heavyweight for a fight and try it out up there. 

Favourite fighter(s)?  

My favourite fighter of late to watch would be James Toney. 

Top pound-for-pound? 

Top pound-for-pound would have to be Jon Jones.  

You spent a little time in America with the Team Alpha Male camp earlier in your career, what did you get out of that? (Can imagine quite a lot but the most significant) 

My first trip to America was at Team Alpha Male and I remember one significant moment when it was sparring day and Urijah (Faber) saw me putting a whooping on some of the guys there. Then he asked me to spar Chad Mendes who had his second fight with Aldo coming up. After we had done sparring, I’d impressed the gym and Urijah just couldn’t believe I was only 21 at the time.  

What’s the ultimate aim for Daniel Crawford in MMA?  

The ultimate aim is to make a load of money and secure me and my future family’s future. 

Final question, do you want to see McGregor vs Floyd and who wins?  

Floyd wins all day! 


This is definitely one to keep your eye on folks. This is somebody who I genuinely believe will get to where he wants to. Crawford is hugely talented, still improving and confident. More importantly for the sport of MMA, he is a very exciting fighter. Watch out for what’s next from this guy.


 Have you had the chance to watch Daniel Crawford fight? Who do you think that he should fight next? Share your thoughts with us below!


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RealSport Meets BAMMA’s Newest Star, Daniel Crawford

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