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Is Jon Jones’ whole career in question? (Chael Sonnen claims so)

Has Jon Jones been doping the entirety of his career, or is he just a freak athlete who has had bad luck in regards to tainted supplements?

Jon “Bones” Jones is talented, creative, undefeated and one of the most controversial stars in MMA to date. After his most recent knockout win over rival Daniel Cormier in July, Jones completed what seemed to be an almost impossible comeback, overcoming time off, previous issues with the law and failed USADA doping tests. On August 22, Jones’ accomplishments were once again overshadowed by yet another report of a potential anti-doping violation, which has led many fans and fellow fighters to question the legitimacy of his career.

A history of poor behavior

When you look into Jon Jones’ past, you see a distinct pattern of self-destructive behavior. In May 2011, Jones crashed his Bentley into a utility pole with two female passengers inside who managed to escape with minor injuries. Jones was then arrested after refusing to take a sobriety test. Then in 2015, Jones checked himself into rehab after testing positive for cocaine metabolites, signaling more issues with his choices outside the octagon. Later that year Jones was involved in a hit and run accident after his rental SUV collided with another car, injuring a pregnant lady, Jones fled the scene only to return to collect his pipe from the vehicle before fleeing again. Jones eventually turned himself into police and managed to avoid jail time.

Jones returned to rematch Daniel Cormier on one of the biggest UFC events in history, UFC 200. The fight wouldn’t go ahead after Jones is flagged by USADA just days before the event and is pulled from the fight. Jones tested positive for hydroxy clomiphene and letrozole metabolite, which are used to block estrogen and are banned at all times, in or out of competition. It was later shown that the positive test came from a contaminated erectile dysfunction pill which didn’t label to have the banned substances included in the product. Either way, Jones was handed a one-year suspension and the failed test left a mark on his legacy. Examining Jones’ past makes it easy to jump to the conclusion that this time is no different. However, one man who has experience fighting against Jones inside the octagon, and taking performance enhancing drugs himself, has a particularly unique insight on Jones’ most recent potential violation.


A career in question?

On “The MMA Hour” hosted by Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen claimed that the banned substance Jones tested positive for, Turinabol, is not only something you can’t just stumble upon but is also illegal, and is typically taken in conjunction with other performance enhancing drugs. Sonnen went on to say:

All I can tell you is I had a higher juice concentrate than Tropicana and he pushed me around like Mack truck vs a Volvo, so I think for the better part of his career, that seems to be how it works.

Sonnen implies that it would be a fair assumption that Jones was on PED’s during their fight back in 2013, and most of his career. Sonnen also stated that picking up on a drug such as Turinabol means that they’ve usually missed the “good stuff” that it has been stacked with.

Has Jon Jones been doping the entirety of his career, or is he just a freak athlete who has had bad luck in regards to tainted supplements?

Unfortunately, it’s near impossible for anybody to give a definitive answer, as you can only work off speculation and the evidence presented to you. As a fan of Jon Jones, It’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt in this situation based on his past, at the same time I believe you have to. The results from Jones’ B test need to be released before it’s possible to pass any more judgment on the matter, even then it only proves that he may have doped for this high stakes event, not the rest of his career. Innocent or not to the public, there will always be a smudge on his otherwise great career.

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  • I believe in him that he is the greatest fighter of all time
    he does not need to use any medication, because he has many fighting abilities

    • Jake Nichols

      I agree that he has some of the best abilities we’ve ever seen from a mixed martial artist. However, there is no denying his history of substance abuse.

  • Nobody Special

    I was a huge fan when he was younger, coming up in the ranks. After reading about all the things he was absolutely guilty of doing, I just couldn’t support him any longer. I know I’m not the only fan let down, not only by Jones, but by the whole sports doping thing, and the stupidity of those on an obvious path to succeed who keep putting themselves in the positions to fail. I’ll never understand it.

Is Jon Jones’ whole career in question? (Chael Sonnen claims so)

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