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Demetrious Johnson: What’s next for the UFC’s pound-for-pound champion?

After Ray Borg pulled out of their UFC 215 main event bout, what's the next move for "Mighty Mouse"?

Just days before their UFC scheduled bout, Demetrious Johnson was left without an opponent after Ray Borg bowed out of the fight due to illness. So where does “Mighty Mouse” go from here? Does he continue fighting in a weight division that he has basically cleaned out or does Johnson take a super fight against TJ Dillashaw?

  1. 1 Henry Cejudo rematch

    After his impressive knockout win over Wilson Reis at UFC 215, Henry Cejudo has put himself up for title contention once again. Cejudo, who is ranked number two in the division, has grown as a fighter and isn't the same as when he suffered a one sided TKO loss against Johnson back at UFC 197.

    Is that enough to challenge Mighty Mouse? I'm not too sure. I'd like to see Cejudo win one more fight before challenging for the title again, especially after losing to Joseph Benavidez via split decision in December 2016.

  2. 2 Joseph Benavidez again

    Benavidez has only lost to one man since 2010 and that's Johnson. But given the fact he is the number one ranked flyweight, it's hard to deny him one more shot at Johnson. Benavidez's last loss came by way of KO to Johnson back in 2013, so a few years have passed since their last encounter, but is it enough time for Benavidez to have honed his skills and become the new flyweight champion? Even if he has done just that, given he has already lost to Johnson twice it may be a fight that the UFC matchmakers may try to avoid.

  3. 3 Ray Borg

    Ray Borg was scheduled to fight against Johnson at UFC 215 but pulled out due to a "viral illness." Given that Borg has pulled out of multiple fights due to weight cutting issues and injuries, booking him for another main event spot would be a big risk for the UFC.

  4. 4 TJ Dillashaw super fight

    This is a fight Dillashaw has been campaigning for even before Johnson was scheduled to fight Borg. Unfortunately, Dillashaw is already scheduled to fight against Cody Garbrandt at UFC 217 in New York. But this fight seems to be the one that a lot of fans are attracted to for Johnson, due to the competitive nature and skill level of Dillashaw. Dillashaw has even offered to come down to meet Johnson in his own weight division, somewhere he has never fought before and many aren't even sure he can make the weight. Despite this, Dillashaw is adamant he can make the weight after doing it in wrestling. The only way I see this fight being made now is if TJ convincingly defeats Garbrandt to become the UFC Bantamweight Champion, then moves down for the super fight against Demetrious Johnson.

So who should it be?

Now that we've had a look at the potential fights, which one makes the most sense? Surely it's the Dillashaw match up. Not only is it the bigger name for Mighty Mouse to face, but it's also a fight we haven't seen before and one that would be the most competitive. If Dillashaw loses to Garbrandt or manages to slightly edge out Garbrandt in a lackluster decision, the best move to make would be a rematch between Dillashaw and Garbrandt, with Johnson facing a rematch with Benavidez. One thing is for sure, no matter who gets to fight against the number one pound-for-pound champion of the world, it's not going to be an easy fight.

  1. Who should Demetrious Johnson's next opponent be?

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    3. Ray Borg
    4. TJ Dillashaw
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  • Jake Nichols

    I really want to see the Cejudo rematch, but not just yet. Give Cejudo one more fight to get ready and then it’s going to be a brilliant battle between those flyweights.

Demetrious Johnson: What’s next for the UFC’s pound-for-pound champion?

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