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Brock Lesnar tells Jon Jones to ‘be careful what you wish for’

At UFC 214 Jon Jones called out Brock Lesnar, and like a genie, Lesnar warned the UFC's light heavyweight champion to be careful what he wishes for.

The Callout

At UFC 214, Jon Jones reclaimed his light heavyweight title after a long lay off due to drugs, legal issues, and failed drug tests, however, despite all these road blocks, he returned in devastating fashion and looked even more dangerous than before his long lay off.

In his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Jon Jones touched on his win, how ‘DC’ will always be a champion, and also the former heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar. Jones said:

“Brock Lesnar, if you want to know what it feels like to get your ass  kicked by a guy that weighs 40 pounds less than you, come meet me in the  octagon.”

Lesnar heard, and quickly had a response to The Associated Press.

“Be careful what you wish for, young man.”

If it’s not on live television or through the press, there’s always social media. Jones posted a fan made a poster on Aug. 10th, 2017, and though there is no caption, it’s obvious what his intentions are for posting it.


Yes, this would be a huge fight for the fans, media, and the UFC, and it’s safe to assume it would draw huge pay-per-view numbers, but will it actually happen?

UFC 200

The freak of an athlete, Brock Lesnar made his return to the octagon at UFC 200 after battling diverticulitis and continuing his career within the WWE. After a decision win over fellow heavyweight Mark Hunt, Lesnar failed his drug test, testing positive for Clomiphene, overturning the fight to a no contest. Lesnar would be fined $250,000, and spawn a very upset former K1 champion, Hunt, bringing legal issues to the door of Lesnar.

Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar, Could it Happen?

For years, media and fans have played with the idea of Jon Jones moving up to the heavyweight division, especially after dominating the light heavyweight division for so long. Though there are some exciting possibilities at the 205lbs division for Jones, there are multiple angles to this call out.

Could this call out be the official announcement of Jones moving up to the heavyweight division? Is this a ploy to get air time in the WWE? There are many avenues the champion could take, however, it’s unclear which direction he will go as we await his next steps.

If Jones vs. Lesnar is to in fact happen, don’t hold your breath, because it wouldn’t be happening for at least a year. Lesnar is currently inactive in the USADA drug testing pool, which could take up to six months to reinstate himself within the program.

Until we find out if Brock Lesnar will leave the WWE, return to the USADA program, and sign the contract, it would make sense for Jones to remain in the light heavyweight division for a fight with either Alexander Gustafsson, or a returning Anthony Johnson (who recently retired, but mentioned an “itch” for a return). A super fight with the current heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic wouldn’t be a bad idea either, however, especially if Jones can walk away victorious.

In any case, this is merely a “what if” to many different opportunities for the #1 pound for pound champion, Jon Jones. Unsure of his next move, it’s safe to say we can expect Jon Jones back in action soon regardless of who’s standing across from him.

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Brock Lesnar tells Jon Jones to ‘be careful what you wish for’

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