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Britain’s Nicola Adams wins professional debut fight

After a slow start, Nicola Adams takes her first professional fight in a shutout. 

Nicola Adams is on a mission. After amassing just about every title available to an amateur boxer, she took to the ring for her first professional bout. After a jumpy first, she settled into a rhythm and won every round on her way to a 40-36 shutout flyweight match against Virginia Noemi Carcamo of Argentina.

Adams went the distance against the Argentinian but was in control throughout at the Manchester Arena.

“I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. I was a bit too eager to try and get the stoppage tonight because I wanted to entertain the crowd – but the girl was quite tough,” Adams said after the win, per Sky Sports“It was a lot better [than amateur]. You can see more without the head-guard. It doesn’t affect your vision so much so that’s good – I loved it.”

Adams’ first professional fight

Britain’s two-time Olympic gold medalist and OBE winner displayed greater precision and the impeccable footwork that she’s built her career on over the course of the four-round bout. She managed to evade a few wild swings from Carcamo, known for a brawling style, and land a clean left hook in the second.

The 7,000 in attendance at Manchester Arena provided a lukewarm reception as Adams entered the ring, and maintained a composed response throughout. The crowd engagement was similar to the muted response to the debut of fellow Olympian, Ireland’s Katie Taylor. Women’s boxing has quite a way to go towards engaging the casual fan, but Adams is part of a groundswell that is gaining momentum.

Adams and trainer Virgil Hunter have work to do on her power shots going forward. Fighting for the first time without headgear changed the velocity of the punches from the woman known as “The Lioness”. She looked more finessed than powerful against Carcamo.

Nicola Adams will be back in action soon, boxing in her hometown of Leeds on May 13.


What did you think of Nicola Adams’ professional debut? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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Britain’s Nicola Adams wins professional debut fight

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