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Mayweather vs McGregor: Predictions from the RealSport boxing team

With the highly anticipated 'Money Fight' just a day away, our boxing writers give their opinion on how the bout will unfold.

A boring shut-out? A historic upset? A return of ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd? Despite the dismissal of this fight by many in the boxing world, sport always finds a way to shock and absorb. Will Saturday follow the script?

After RealSport’s MMA team gave their verdict on the ‘Money Fight’, it’s time for the boxing team to counter-punch with predictions of how it’s going to unfold.

Love it, hate it, despise it, adore it… you’ll watch it.


Lewis Watson

Don't believe the hype. Floyd wins this one how he wants, when he wants. With a superior skill set crafted over 21-years of professional boxing, 'Money' will have the poetic licence to roll back the years into more of a 'Pretty Boy' performance, as the 40-year-old capitalises on the gaps in McGregor's unorthodox defence.

The five-weight world champion may have to negate an early flurry of McGregor 'bombs', but as he has done in the past with challenges from Maidana, Mosley and Canelo to name a few, the shoulder roll and right-hand parry will leave the Irishman missing wildly as Floyd punishes with sharp, straight jabs to the body.

The pessimist in me expects this to go 12-rounds, with a shutout in Floyd's favour and a 'moral win' for the Irishman surviving his boxing debut. However, if Floyd truly wants to go out with a bang, a throwback to his 'Pretty Boy' phase with sharp reflexes and flashy combinations can stop McGregor within the first half of the fight.

Both have already won with the size of the reported purse in Las Vegas, but in the spiritual home of gambling, your money is safe backing 'Money' to take the W.

Floyd Mayweather by late stoppage.

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Jeremiah Kirven

The fight will start off fast with McGregor rushing Floyd, swinging and missing with lots of clinching in between. McGregor will throw lots of punches in the clinch, some perhaps so dirty that Floyd will not like it and words will be shared back and forth.

Despite Conor being the more busy fighter, Floyd is still crisper with his jab and his most interesting amount of work will be to the body and will take a 4-round lead. Round 5 will be a real turning point in the fight as Floyd will start to become the aggressor landing at will. Conor will show signs of frustration due to his inability to utilize all his skills and Floyd's neutralizing clinches.

The rest of the fight Floyd will continue to rack up points at will while Conor will only become more desperate to make it ugly. At round 10 Conor has been completely schooled and at this point is only concerned with making it to the final bell. Floyd dances around him until the final bell and walks away with a lopsided UD.

Floyd Mayweather by Unanimous Decision.

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Chris Sermeno

Nobody can begrudge Floyd for wanting to get a 50th win to cap off an illustrious career. He comes up against arguably his strangest opponent in Conor McGregor, who possesses many similar qualities to Floyd's previous opponents, such size, power, reach, speed. I think Floyd has enough experience to combat anything McGregor has within him, and has perfected the art of defensive counter punching.

If McGregor does not  knock out Mayweather within the first 6 rounds, I can see Floyd skipping circles around the 'Notorious One', methodically picking apart the almost animalistic approach to a decision win like he has easily done before against the likes of those who were supposedly the next best, such as Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Marcos Maidana and Manny Pacquiao. Any other result is highly unlikely, but would sure as hell be entertaining.

Floyd Mayweather by Unanimous Decision.

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The Sportsnista

Floyd Mayweather hasn't made a career based on superior punching power. His strongest boxing muscle rests on his shoulders. What he lacks in power is surpassed by his boxing IQ and instincts.

Having said that, it doesn't take a lot of power to knock someone out with a body shot. Just as we saw Terence Crawford do against Julius Indongo, Mayweather will have the opportunity to capitalize on wide and wild swings thrown by McGregor. If Floyd earns a KO it will come by way of shots to the body. Otherwise, look for a 12-round shut-out in Mayweather's favour.

Floyd Mayweather by Unanimous Decision.

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Niko Quirapas

All the pressure is solely on Mayweather since they will face each other under boxing rules. A victory by McGregor would not only mean a defeat for Floyd but a huge blow to the post-career legacy he is protecting as a fighter.

However, I still think that Mayweather will be using his mastery of training regimen and preparation, and it will be a different 'Pretty Boy' this time as his two-year hiatus may give him a hard time defying father-time.

While McGregor, on the other hand, is set to receive the biggest pay-check of his career while just invading Mayweather's territory. His fight blueprint should include nothing but making fight as messy and rugged as possible. If he can pull out an ace, gets lucky and hit the jackpot against Mayweather, it will be the happiest day of his life, much bigger than his best wins in MMA.

Floyd Mayweather by Unanimous Decision.

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Kyle Ganapathy

It will be something we’ve seen time and again. Conor may land one or two shots that will make the crowd go wild but Mayweather will put on a defensive masterclass and wear him down. By the end of the fight, people will be yelling at their screens, saying they'll never buy another Mayweather pay per view. And they won't have to because he’ll retire with a perfect 50-0 record.

Floyd Mayweather by Unanimous Decision.

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Mayweather vs McGregor: Predictions from the RealSport boxing team

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