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Mayweather vs McGregor: A betting guide to the ‘Money Fight’

With bookmakers offering a plethora of novelty bets for Saturday's big fight, we look at some of the more tempting offers.

When this fight was announced on June 15, bookmakers were scratching their heads as to how to price up the miss-match of the century. With prices starting in the range of 1/10 to 1/6 for a Mayweather win, as we approach the first bell on Saturday night the general consensus amongst bookmakers is to price Mayweather at 1/4 and McGregor at 3/1.

To the untrained betting eye, if you were to put £10 on a McGregor upset you would win £30 plus your stake, and, to win £10 on Mayweather you would have to put down £40 of your hard earned cash.

These are the outright markets, but with betting companies raking in millions on ‘novelty bets’ during super-fight weekends, lets have a look at some of the more obscure yet tempting offers…

McGregor to win any single round on 2 or more of the judges scorecards – 5/6

In a fight that many are suggesting is going to go 12-rounds, you can imagine that Floyd will take his foot off the gas for at least one of these rounds. Judges are generally reluctant to score shut-outs, and if Conor enters a mindset of desperation near the end of the fight, Mayweather will negate the Irishman’s advances with a tight defence and silky shoulder rolls until the challenger punches himself out.

These flashes of aggression however may give McGregor a sympathy round on the scorecards which could see a tidy return on a 5/6 bet.

Mayweather to win by KO/TKO & last punch to be to the body – 2/1

McGregor ability to last the distance of 12 three-minute rounds is a big talking point coming into this fight. With the Irishman used to a shorter fight time in the UFC, Mayweather will no doubt target the body with his stiff jabs to slow down the advances of the challenger.

If ‘Money’ is to get the stoppage, a body shot is likely to do the most damage with McGregor unable to make the 10-count after a bruising rib-tickler.

McGregor to win in round 2-4 – 11/1

As unlikely as it is, if the Irishman is to get the upset it is likely to come early in the fight, with the first round always best to be avoided when betting. With a £1 stake needed to collect £11, there is plenty of value to be had in this bet rather than the outright market of 3/1.


Total knockdowns 3 – 5/1

You can’t knock the fighting pride of McGregor, and if the Irishman gets knocked down in the fight you can sure as hell expect him to get up. This plays into the hands of knockdown betting, with three knockdowns in the fight showing great value at 5/1.

Many fighters get up once, a lot get up twice, some get up three times but it’s rare you’ll see a clamber from the canvas for the fourth time. With Mayweather punishing ‘Mystic Mac’s’ body, this is one of the most likely endings to the UFC star’s challenge.

Outright victory Floyd Mayweather/Miguel Cotto – 1/2

Both Mayweather and Cotto are heavy favourites going into their fights at the weekend, and are expected to make easy work of their opponents. The benefit of taking this bet is to cover your PPV costs in buying the ‘Money Fight.’ A £40 stake on this double will return £60, meaning you have covered the £19.95 cost of the Sky Sports Box Office fight.

With the fight costing five times that amount over the Atlantic, US readers will have to use a bit more ingenuity to cover their extortionate over-heads!

McGregor to be DQ’d in round 12 – 50/1

With Mayweather’s defence frustrating the Irishman, will his temper get the better of him in the 12th round? Sure McGregor is built to tackle, grapple and choke, but would he dare to takedown Mayweather in the final round as an act of defiance? If you think he will, a 50/1 bet is right up your street!

With all the talking almost over. Let’s get ready to rumblllllllle! And remember, always bet responsibly.




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Mayweather vs McGregor: A betting guide to the ‘Money Fight’

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