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Jurgen Brahmer vs Robert Brant: Preview, prediction, undercard and more

The incendiary performances by George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr. are a tough act to follow, but if anyone can deliver an exciting scrap, it’s these two men.

In what could be the sleeper hit of the World Boxing Super Series, Jürgen Brahmer (48-3-0) will face Robert “Bravo” Brant (22-0-0) on Friday night to close out the tournament quarter-finals.

Robert Brant is coming into this tournament as a fresh face in the super middleweight scene. Despite holding 22 wins under his belt, Brant was a rather obscure name in a list of current and former champions. However, the WBSS was made for boxers like Brant. It will be his biggest opportunity in the sport to test his iron against the best in the business. Jürgen Brahmer will be the first name on that list. Brahmer is a battle-hardened veteran of the sport who prior to his loss to Nathan Cleverly, had gone just over seven years without a defeat. As the former WBA and WBO light heavyweight champion, he is no stranger to deep waters and hotly contested wars. Looking to carve a path for himself in a new weight class, Brahmer will be anything but an easy test for his American counterpart.

Jurgen Brahmer vs Robert “Bravo” Brant – World Boxing Super Series super middleweight quarter-final

Where: Sport and Congress Center, Schwerin, Germany

When: Friday 27th October, Undercard begins 5pm UK time

TV: ITV Box Office Freeview


Brahmer made a very interesting claim at the WBSS draft earlier this year. He felt that the other fighters had bypassed Brant because they knew he was the strongest boxer in the tournament. With 15 knockouts out of his 22 wins, Brant may well live up to that statement. Although Brant is undefeated, his critics will always return to the same question, “Who has he beaten, though?”. By the end of this tournament, Brant will look to put that question to rest.

Brant is still considered to be a relative newcomer on the scene so it is difficult to judge the quality of the opponents he has faced, with his most notable win coming in his one-punch knockout of Decarlo Perez last year. From what we have seen from Brant, however, we know two things: one, he can counterpunch, and two, he has knockout power. Two things that Brahmer himself vowed not to underestimate.

Brahmer’s experience will be his biggest advantage on Friday night. Holding dominant wins over the formerly undefeated Marcus Oliveira and the granite chinned Pawel Glazewski, it is clear that Brahmer has faced a higher tier of fighters during his reign as the WBA champion. 

Brahmer’s swarming style has been the bane of many counterpunchers. His ability to cut off the ring and hammer in rapid barrages has been the deciding factor in many of his fights. With his venomous liver shots and come-forward gait, he may just be able to set a pace that Brant will struggle with.

The two boxers have contrasting styles and that is a recipe for an excellent fight. Will Brant be able to keep Brahmer guessing on the outside or will Brahmer deliver a baptism by fire? Here is the prediction.

– Callum Smith is awaiting the winner of Saturday’s clash


You can expect Brant to open comfortably, waiting for Brahmer to make a mistake. Brahmer often leaves himself open when he walks his opponents down and this could spell disaster for the German if Brant’s right hand comes down the pipe. Brahmer will have to hold his guard high and push the action right from the sound of the opening bell. If he rests on his laurels, Brant is going to pick him apart.

It all comes down to whether Brahmer can get into the pocket and stay there. He will have to force Brant into a close quarters scramble; an elevator brawl if you will. In all likelihood, however, Brant is going to outwork Brahmer and bait him into the same straight right that sent Decarlo Perez through the ropes. Brant is coming in as the betting favourite for this bout and this time, we are in accord with the pundits. 

No matter the outcome of the fight, the fans are likely to be the winner in this potential barn burner! 


The undercard is headlined by World Boxing Super Series reserve Vincent Feigenbutz as he takes on the rugged Argentinean Gaston Alejandro Vega. The 22-year-old is looking to climb the super middleweight ladder once again after his back-to-back bouts with Giovanni De Carolis last year for the WBA strap.

Who do you think will take the fight? The rising star in Brant or the hardened warrior in Brahmer? Comment with your picks below!

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Jurgen Brahmer vs Robert Brant: Preview, prediction, undercard and more

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