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Mayweather vs McGregor: Video, round-by-round, results and reaction

So the dust has settled on the 'Money Fight' in Las Vegas. Who were the winners and sinners in Sin City?

Floyd Mayweather – a career making the extraordinary look ordinary.

“Money” Mayweather has retired with a perfect 50-0 record, standing solo on the peak of boxing career records. The 40-year-old negated the challenge of the “Notorious One” with predicted ease tonight in Las Vegas, quashing any doubts whether the former five-weight world champion still had what it takes to perform at the highest level.

Labelled as a circus by some, intriguing by most and entertaining by all, the crossover fight attracted an estimated worldwide audience of one billion viewers, with pay-per-view records being smashed in the process.

Among those in attendance at the T-Mobile Arena were a number of celebrities, including actors Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, NBA star LeBron James and stars of world music in Drake, Diddy, and Jamie Foxx.

Floyd Mayweather took the evening in his stride, and like he has done throughout his 21-year career, strolled to a 10th round TKO stoppage against ‘Mystic Mac’.

Here’s how the fight unfolded…

Round 1

Conor takes the centre of the ring and misses with a flurry of hooks and jabs, with Mayweather retreating to the ropes. McGregor landed with a left uppercut with ‘Money’ hardly throwing a punch in the opening 3 minutes. McGregor’s round due to pure punch activity. 1-0 to CM.

Round 2

Much like round one, McGregor is the busier fighter in the second, switching up his stance and feeling Mayweather’s reach with his left paw. Mayweather lands a counter left and McGregor’s right eye colours slightly. It’s very messy in the clinch with McGregor testing the work of referee Byrd. 2-0 to CM.

Round 3

Mayweather goes to work on McGregor’s body with long ranging jabs and straight rights as McGregor starts to breathe a little heavier than in the opening two rounds. McGregor is struggling to land anything as Floyd keeps his distance. 2-1 to CM.

Round 4

Mayweather turns up the heat in the T-Mobile Arena with a flurry of connecting straight rights and left hooks. Floyd can’t miss McGregor, as the Irishman is backed up and breathing heavily. Mayweather will now look to go through the gears, looking extremely comfortable. 2-2.


Round 5

McGregor has slowed down completely, with every punch he throws being swatted away by a cool and calm Mayweather. Mayweather is stalking the Irishman around the ring, picking and choosing shots at will with a smile on his face. 3-2 to FM.

Round 6

Slick, efficient, composed and timely, Floyd Mayweather is going through the gears in a throw back to his ‘Pretty Boy’ era. Showboating from both of them suggests they both know how the script ends tonight. 4-2 to FM.

Round 7

The truth of the ring is becoming more and more apparent as the familiarity of the octagon becomes a distant memory. Floyd can’t miss, and McGregor is slowing down minute by minute with less and less power coming from any punches thrown. 5-2 to FM.

Round 8

Mayweather is walking McGregor down with the Irishman seemingly out of gas. “Conor” chants echo around the T-Mobile Arena as the passionate travelling support try to squeeze a bit of life out of their UFC star. Mayweather can end this fight when and how he wants. 6-2 to FM.


Round 9

Brave from Conor McGregor to get through that round with Mayweather landing bomb after bomb. The Irishman’s legs have completely gone as ‘Money’ stalks a wobbling Conor around the squared circle. A class above. 7-2 to FM.

Round 10

50-0. Byrd jumps in after a barrage of head shots from Floyd Mayweather. This one went to script, and Floyd Mayweather gets the stoppage.




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Mayweather vs McGregor: Video, round-by-round, results and reaction

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