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Asian Boxing: Nietes needs the best fight possible

At the age of 35, Donnie Nietes is somewhere near the twilight of his career, needing to find himself a dream fight.

Time has definitely tested a proven fighter like Donnie “Ahas” Nietes. He seats firmly in his throne as one of the Philippine’s best fighters as he hasn’t lost a fight since 2005, as well as winning world titles in three different weight classes.

Nietes is nowhere near Manny Pacquiao, but with his cemented legacy, he is definitely a shoo-in for the Philippine Boxing Hall of Fame.

The dilemma

Although Nietes has successfully established himself as one of the premier punchers in his division, he can’t seem to find luck on securing a legitimate blockbuster fight for himself.

Nietes expressed his willingness to move up to 112-pounds and face Nicaraguan hard-hitter Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, but the possible bout between the two was halted by Chocolatito’s pair of defeats against Wisaksil Wangek of Thailand.

Back in the days when the lower weight divisions gained a lot of attention on US soil, fighters like Jorge Arce, Cristian Mijares, and Ivan Calderon had their best moments in the ring. It was an era of fame and success for those fighters, and Nietes rose to stardom late for those glory days.

He was left out in the past when his ALA stablemates Z Gorres, AJ Banal and Rey Bautista were signed by Oscar Dela Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, until he won his first title in 2007 and gained popularity among Filipino fans.


What’s next for him?

The Negros Occidental native is scheduled to face Argentinian Juan Carlos Reveco, the mandatory challenger for his IBF flyweight title on November 25.

At 40-1-4, the 5ft 3″ Nietes holds a slight height advantage against the 34-year-old Reveco who holds a record of 39-3.

A move to the super flyweight division would give him more viable opponents to propel his ongoing legacy forward.  He can face Naoya Inoue and grab a title in his fourth weight class or set up a showdown with Wisaksil Wangek and beat the man who stopped the once feared Román González.

He may opt to just play it safe and stay in his division until retirement. He would not want not ruin his winner status but knowing Nietes; he is always up for a challenge. With his excellent ring generalship, he is a thriving force in the flyweight class, but the world needs to see the best of him unleashed in a brighter spotlight.

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Asian Boxing: Nietes needs the best fight possible

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