RealSport MLB Roundup, S1E1: Noah Syndergaard, Justin Verlander, and more! (podcast)

Two die-hard baseball fans launch RealSport's first baseball podcast and discuss everything from Justin Verlander's dominance to the Mets' injury woes!

(Photo Credit: Keith Allison)

The MLB season is nearly two months old, and RealSport baseball gurus Josh Benjamin and Alec Montecalvo are here to provide their insights from everything across the diamond.

This week, the guys tackle the dominant season of Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander. Is he that good of a pitcher, or is he just on the receiving end of ridiculously good luck? The guys check the numbers, and the answer might come as a surprise.

Also, the injury bug bites the New York Mets again as Noah Syndergaard heads to the disabled list with a strained finger ligament and Josh and Alec discuss how to combat high-velocity arms going down with nagging injuries.

Plus, Jeff Samardzija turns from San Francisco Giant into San Francisco Albatross, the Atlanta Braves suffer growing pains in Boston, and the playoff race is still anyone’s game with the All-Star Break just six weeks away.

Finally, hear about Alec’s unique facial hair and recent trip to Yankee Stadium, and don’t forget to subscribe to RealSport MLB on SoundCloud!

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Josh Benjamin


Josh Benjamin is a born and bred New Yorker and an absolute baseball fanatic. He has witnessed four no-hitters at Yankee Stadium, three of which were memorable. Josh can be seen by the basketball court when baseball is not in session, though his love for the diamond will always be his first. He is incredibly excited to be part of the RealSport team!