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MLB teams as Game of Thrones houses

Season seven is here! Here's a spoiler-free look at which MLB teams would be which houses in the award-winning, fan-maddening program

Game of Thrones is back! Which means Sunday nights are no longer just for baseball. With its sprawling world and deadly backdrop, Game of Thrones has become a cultural phenomenon and the RealSport office is not immune to the excitement of season seven’s debut.

With that in mind, we sat down to pair some of the show’s best-known, most-loved (and most-hated) houses to MLB teams, because who doesn’t want to compare the likes of New York or the Astros to a group of murderous, inbred, characters?

New York Yankees: House Lannister

The richest, most-powerful, and most-hated House in the land. The “evil empire” sit atop the Iron Throne despite the hatred of the rest of people. Or at least, that’s what they would like us to think. In actual fact, the Yankees haven’t been to the summit since 2009. They are losing their grip on their kingdom, just like Cersei Lannister…

Boston Red Sox: House Stark

The North Remembers, and so do the Red Sox. Boston fans remember every slight, every injustice, and most importantly, every missed shot at a World Series titles between 1918 & 2004. Bill Buckner is their Night’s King. Aaron Boone is their Walder Frey.

Still, the North Remembers. And eventually, the North has its day. The Red Sox have won three World Series in the past 14 years. They are getting their revenge now…

Houston Astros: House Martell

From the hot and dusty south, a power is rising. Young, hungry, and not afraid of upsetting the order of things, they are coming for the throne and they don’t care who they have to poison, stab, or f**k to get it.

Los Angeles Dodgers: House Targaryen

“Fire & Blood” sums up the Dodgers. The fire comes from the mound, where their three-headed monster of Clayton Kershaw, Alex Wood, and Kenley Jansen are burning hitters alive in 2017. The blood is dripping off Cody Bellinger’s bat every time he mashes a homer (26 and counting).

The Dodgers haven’t ruled the world of MLB for a while now, but they are a growing threat and look the favorites to take the crown this season.

Philadelphia Phillies: House Tully

Does it still exist? When was it last relevant? I can’t even begin to remember. This is a team and house who have been decimated over the last few seasons and is on it’s back right now. It’s going to take a long time for them to pick themselves back up off the floor.

Cincinnati Reds: House Tyrell

Once a great and powerful house, they are now brought low by the cost of war. There are still some productive and important people (Olenna/Joey Votto) but for the most part, the house has fallen.

San Francisco Giants: House Baratheon

They are long-gone from the Game of Thrones, now a distant memory. A trio of banners stand to show their former glory, but all that is left is a legacy of triumphs in years gone by and the disappointment of all that followed them as we enter this season.

Los Angeles Angels: House Baelish

A one-person show, but that one man is damn good at what he does. From a dull and desolate wasteland (The Fingers/New Jersey) the house is synonymous now with its bright star, for all intents and purposes there might as well be no one else in the house.

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MLB teams as Game of Thrones houses

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