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MLB Power Rankings: LA Dodgers on top after trade deadline

Our writers put their heads together and come up with the August power rankings for Major League Baseball

The trade deadline has been and gone, and while the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers came away with the prize arms, have they come away with our votes?

  1. 1 Los Angeles Dodgers (74-31)

    A few weeks without Clayton Kershaw hurts, but this team is good and they know it. Their spot in October is almost assured, the question is if can they finally go all the way and win their first World Series since 1988? The addition of Yu Darvish certainly makes it feel more possible. (Toby Durant)

  2. 2 Houston Astros (69-36)

    Houston might clinch the AL West before September. Astros fans are dreaming of the World Series in Minute Maid Park, but while the division is all-but won, injuries to key players including Carlos Correa have shown just how fragile this team's dominance can be. (Ed Brickeen)

  3. 3 Washington Nationals (63-41)

    The Nationals are fighting the injury bug but continue to cruise in the NL East thanks to MVP caliber contributions from Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer. Howie Kendrick will help a mildly depleted outfield, and three new arms in the bullpen, including closers Sean Doolittle and Brandon Kintzler, make their bid for a World Series title a lot stronger than it has been in previous years (Jake Burns)

  4. 4 Arizona Diamondbacks (60-45)

    JD Martinez has made an immediate impact at Chase Field, with the slugging outfielder making a line-up already containing all-star Paul Goldschmidt even stronger. Questions remain over whether their starting pitching can hold up for long enough to seal home-field advantage in the NL Wildcard game. (Jake Burns)

  5. 5 Cleveland Indians (57-47)

    Cleveland is one of the hottest teams in baseball. They are going to have to stay hot after all the wheeling and dealing going on in Kansas City, which has kept the Royals in contention in the AL Central. Still, with Edwin Encarnacion bedding in well and Corey Kluber dominating, they once again look like one of the most dangerous teams in the Majors. (Ed Brickeen)

  6. 6 New York Yankees (57-47)

    The Yankees added three arms and a bat before the trade deadline, strengthening every aspect of a side that was meant to be watching the playoff race from the sidelines this year. GM Brian Cashman has handed Joe Girardi the tools to bring another World Series to Yankee Stadium. (Toby Durant)

  7. 7 Chicago Cubs (56-48)

    The Cubs have been red hot in the second half of the season so far, and sit atop the NL Central by 2.5 games. Jose Quintana adds length to their rotation, while Justin Wilson and Alex Avila add much needed depth ahead of another run in October. (Ed Brickeen)

  8. 8 Colorado Rockies 60-46)

    The Rockies got some much-needed bullpen help at the deadline in the shape of Pat Neshek, but not as much as their divisional rivals. They are a comfortable 5.5 games clear in the race for the second Wildcard spot but need to sort out their offense away from Coors Field, which is at a miserable 80 wRC+. (Toby Durant)

  9. 9 Boston Red Sox (58-49)

    The Red Sox will be glad to see the back of July. A 13-14 record has seen them go from up 4.5 games at one point to 0.5 games back of the New York Yankees. Speaking of the Yankees, Boston will feel like the little brother once again after a trade deadline in which Dave Dombrowski came away as very much second best. (Toby Durant)

  10. 10 Kansas City Royals (55-49)

    One of the MLB's hottest teams, the Royals have made some heavy all-in deals at the deadline. Can they catch the Indians for one final postseason run before the core of their team, including Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer, head to free agency? (Jake Burns)

  11. 11 Tampa Bay Rays (54-53)

    The Rays have made several small, but astute, trades this July and have put themselves firmly in the hunt for a Wildcard spot. Just 2.5 games back of the Royals, and with the AL East still firmly up for grabs, they could yet make a late run for a postseason spot. (Toby Durant)

  12. 12 Milwaukee Brewers (55-52)

    The Brewers early-season form has dried up and they now find themselves behind a resurgent Cubs team. Can this young roster catch the champs? Or will we have to wait until next year to see a proper battle in the NL Central? (Toby Durant)

  13. 13 Seattle Mariners (54-53)

    Riding a breakout season from hard-throwing southpaw James Paxton, Seattle are making a push to be relevant in August. They have cleared themselves from the Angels and Rangers in the AL West to make an end of season run at the second Wildcard spot. (Jake Burns)

  14. 14 St. Louis Cardinals (52-53)

    The Cardinals are stuck on an in-between hop. They are good, just not good enough. Still, there is enough on this team to be hopeful for the future, with the likes of Carlos Martinez and Tommy Pham looking like pieces to build around. (Ed Brickeen)

  15. 15 Miami Marlins (49-55)

    Miami might not be in a playoff race, but they are playing hard and enjoying themselves. The star of the show is still Giancarlo Stanton, who hit a ridiculous 12 homers in the last month. (Toby Durant)

  16. 16 Pittsburgh Pirates (51-54)

    A strong month for the Pirates has moved them to 5.5 games out of first in the Central. They've pushed the organization away from selling, but can they make a playoff push? Odds are against them, but Andrew McCutchen has continued his bounceback year, hitting .367 since the start of June. (Jake Burns)

  17. 17 Los Angeles Angels (51-55)

    The return of Mike Trout to the lineup has made them much more watchable, but not that much more successful. This is a club going nowhere quickly in 2017, and there doesn't seem to be any obvious solution on the horizon. (Toby Durant)

  18. 18 Texas Rangers (50-55)

    The Rangers were in the playoff race at the All-Star break, but that quickly fell by the wayside once the second half of the season got underway. Parting with Yu Darvish would have hurt, but it made too much sense not to do. (Toby Durant)

  19. 19 Minnesota Twins (50-53)

    The Twins' hot start to the season has fizzled into nothingness as the Indians and Royals found their feet. Still, that start to the season, including an all-star first half from Miguel Sano and strong showings from Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios, is encouraging. It only made sense to sell at the deadline and should make them stronger down the road. (Toby Durant)

  20. 20 Baltimore Orioles (51-54)

    Any other club in Baltimore's position would have been selling. Instead, Dan Duquette held on to his prized pieces and even added one or two to the roster in a real head-scratcher. It's not always terrible to break with convention, but it feels like a mistake not to sell at the peak of Zach Britton's value. (Toby Durant

  21. 21 Toronto Blue Jays (49-57)

    Toronto have been playing reasonable ball for most of 2017, but that dreadful start was always going to be tough to recover from. The worry for them is the steep decline in Josh Donaldson's play. He is only 31, but already a far cry from his MVP level of production. (Toby Durant)

  22. 22 Atlanta Braves (48-56)

    It's safe to say that Atlanta have been better than expected in 2017. The major disappointment for the Braves is the wrist injury that derailed Freddie Freeman's incredible form early on in the year. (Toby Durant)

  23. 23 New York Mets (48-55)

    What a year it's been for the Mets. It was meant to be so good but injuries have hampered them once again. The loss of Noah Syndergaard has been particularly devastating. Still, they got a nice return for Addison Reed at the deadline, and Michael Conforto's play has been a boost to their spirits, as has that of Jacob deGrom. (Toby Durant)

  24. 24 Detroit Tigers (47-57)

    The Tigers ended up getting a good return on their trades this month, but the breakup of the team has left the faded stars of Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera looking even sadder than they did at the start of the year. With their biggest contracts still looking impossible to move, it's set to be a long rebuild in the Motor City.(Toby Durant)

  25. 25 Oakland Athletics (47-59)

    Oakland got a lot of business done at the deadline, and while there are risks to the return they got for Sonny Gray, there is a good chance that in two or three years they have the core of a very good team. (Toby Durant)

  26. 26 San Diego Padres (47-58)

    What is there to be said about the Padres? San Diego's last remaining team may be one of the least interesting sports teams in America. There is little to look forward to for Padres fans after another lost season. (Toby Durant)

  27. 27 Cincinnati Reds (42-63)

    The Reds sold what they could, but it wasn't much. While Joey Votto and Zack Cozart continue to impress at the plate, this team need to do something about their terrible pitching rotation if they want to contend in the NL Central any time soon. (Toby Durant)

  28. 28 Chicago White Sox (41-62)

    The White Sox have sold up and are playing for 2020 now. It might not be a popular decision, but realistically it was the only one they had. Still, fans have Yoan Moncada's development to enjoy, together with their bulging farm system. Jose Abreu continues to put up ridiculous numbers as well. (Toby Durant

  29. 29 San Francisco Giants (40-67)

    The Giants didn't really do much at the deadline as they wait to see if this year is just a blip, or if the powerhouse of the last seven years really has reached the end of the line. After three World Series in five seasons, it was bound to happen eventually. (Toby Durant)

  30. 30 Philadelphia Phillies (39-64)

    Nick Williams, Aaron Nola, and Aaron Altherr give Phillies fans hope for the future. But there isn't much more than that. They got what they could for Pat Neshek, but there is still a long way to go until they are competitive. (Jake Burns)

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MLB Power Rankings: LA Dodgers on top after trade deadline

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