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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Lineup advice for August 22, 2017

A full slate leaves plenty of options for your DFS lineups, but we've got the players who can lead you to glory tonight.

Today has thrown up a lot of interesting matchups and some baffling pricing. With every team playing there are plenty of options, but we’ve sifted through and found the best for your DFS lineup today.

Best DFS MLB Pitchers for August 22, 2017

There are no Cy Young candidates pitching today, but that doesn’t mean the entire slate of pitchers is poor.

Chris Archer vs Toronto Blue Jays: $12,400 DraftKings, FPPG – 21.2

Archer has been a strikeout machine this year. His 207 K’s are third in the Majors, and his K/9 rate is fourth. However, his ERA is a bloated 3.84, due in part to a high BABIP (.321) and line drive rate (22.1%). It’s not ideal to be spending so much with someone whose ERA is closer to 4.00 than 3.00, but Archer’s been steady all year and with a 3.20 FIP he is far better than the surface numbers.

Jimmy Nelson @ San Francisco Giants: $11,000 DraftKings, FPPG – 18.9

Nelson continues to be quietly wonderful this season. A low HR/9 (0.9), a career-low BB/9 (2.3) and career-high K/9 (10.0) all point to a strong year from Nelson, though like Archer his ERA is slightly higher than you would expect. At 3.74, it’s 68 points higher than his FIP, which is a worry this far into the season.

Still, facing the Giants is a nice matchup. San Francisco have a lineup full of soft hitters and poor performers that Nelson should be able to take advantage of.

Dan Straily @ Philadelphia Phillies: $8,200 DraftKings, FPPG – 14.7

There aren’t many Marlins pitchers worth picking up, but going against the Phillies is a very nice matchup, and sometimes you need to play the matchups to save the budget for your hitters. So if you are looking for a cheap pitcher tonight then Straily is your man. A 3.80 ERA and a reasonable 7.9 K/9 should keep his points tally respectable. He won’t blow you away, but he will provide flexibility elsewhere, and that is often a good thing.

Best DFS MLB Hitters for August 22, 2017

Every team is playing, so every bat is going. The question is, which ones do you want to put in your lineup tonight?

Joey Votto vs Chicago Cubs: $5,000 DraftKings, FPPG – 10.1

Votto is facing John Lackey tonight, a matchup that favours the Cincinnati first baseman. A 4.67 ERA and 3.0 BB/9 is not what you want when facing Votto, who will happily take his walks. The Reds slugger has been in fine form all year, sitting eighth in the Majors in home runs (32) and slashing  .315/.447/.595. Even at $5,000, its relatively cheap.

Tommy Pham vs San Diego Padres: $4,400 DraftKings, FPPG – 9.2

Whenever Pham is below around $4,700 I want him in my lineup. 16 homers, 16 steals, and a .307 average is great, but throw in 68 runs scored and you can see why he is one of the best performers in DFS this year. He isn’t going to swat two homers in a game like some hitters, but he is so consistent that you can have faith in him every day.

Mike Moustakas vs Colorado Rockies: $4,100 DraftKings, FPPG – 8.9

Moustakas is third in the Majors in homers (35) and is carrying a .284 batting average. If he was facing Chris Sale or Corey Kluber, I could understand the price point today, but he’s going against Jon Gray. Is he cold? No. Moustakas is on an 11-game hitting streak that includes five multi-hit games. Get him in your lineup.

Best stack option

Which team has the best matchup for you to exploit tonight?

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Brock Stewart (LAD)

Stewart will make just his third start in the Majors tonight, and while picking against a Dodgers pitcher is risky, Stewart is carrying a 4.06 FIP and hasn’t pitched into the fifth as a starter yet, meaning we are likely to see the dregs of Dodgers bullpen. With that in mind, Andrew McCutchen ($4,600), Josh Bell ($4,500), David Freese ($3,900), and Adam Frazier ($3,500) are nice stacking options tonight.

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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Lineup advice for August 22, 2017

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