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Tottenham: Has Harry Kane outgrown the club?

A hat-trick for Spurs in their 3-0 victory over Apoel Nicosia in the Champions League has left question marks over his future.

In the 2012/13 season, a young Harry Kane spent the back end of the season on loan at then Championship side Leicester City as they embarked on their quest to return to the Premier League, with the Foxes looking to add youth to their squad hoping to make the next step.

Despite scoring two goals in thirteen appearances for the Foxes, their appeared to be no inkling for what was to come from the youngster in future seasons, with Leicester fans recalling his performances as average.

Fast forward to today and Kane is being hailed as England’s only current world class player after a hat-trick in a 3-0 win over APOEL Nicosia in the Champions League.

Whilst the Greek side are not the barometer to measure against, there is little doubt that the England forward is continuing to evolve and there is more to come.

With pundits hailing his performances over the past two seasons at a Spurs side that seem intent on gaining the tag of ‘nearly men’, questions are being asked about how far Kane can move forward with the North London side.

With rumours last summer of a move elsewhere, the question to be asked is: Has Harry Kane outgrown Spurs?

Content to be in contention?

Under Mauricio Pochettino, Spurs have evolved into a top four side that can compete with the best the Premier League has to offer.

Having improved to finish second in the Premier League last season, many assumed the cheque book would be opened and Spurs would splash the cash for a sustained effort on the Premier League title.

What happened was a summer of frustration that saw their rivals buy wisely and questions asked of the man in charge upstairs at Tottenham, Daniel Levy.


With the impending move to their new stadium and having to play their home games at Wembley this season, the over-riding factor here is that it seems Spurs are content to be in contention, but not make that next step that many hope to see.

Whilst many clubs and players would give anything to consistently be in the mix, to take that next step would mean ambition and from afar it looks as though for the time being, that is something that is lacking. 

Kane’s next step

What this means for a player with the talent and desire of Harry Kane, surely is that the England striker will ask questions of his future.

Does Kane need to move on to really become that once in a lifetime player that England are so desperate to find?

Or will Spurs match the ambition that lies in those special players that don’t come around often?

If Kane was to see his future elsewhere, then where would it lie?

There have been few that have taken the step of moving abroad to challenge themselves and even fewer have been successful.


However, one would only have to look at the success of former Spurs star Gareth Bale to see that going abroad is an option for those special players. 

There are many that are reluctant to make the move abroad, particularly from the UK, and so options would surely lie at the big spending clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea who have all been linked with the star striker before.

In truth, though, Kane doesn’t seem the sort to jump ship to a Premier League rival, especially not one as hated as Chelsea. If a move was to materialise, it would be abroad only.

A watershed moment

Without a doubt, there seems to be a watershed moment coming in the career of Harry Kane.

If Spurs have the desire to compete with the very best, next summer is likely to be a big one for both Kane, who is likely to be on show at the 2018 World Cup, and the North London club, who need to show the ambition to keep the England star. 

It remains to be seen and the future of Harry Kane is likely to be the big talking point over the coming months.

Ultimately, it will be the prolific England star that will decide if he has outgrown Tottenham.

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  • Robert

    Andy Moore you are a cock.

  • oldyid

    Spurs fan, new ground meaning possible higher wages , one of the top 20 world clubs and on the way up, are you some sort of muppet asking if Kane has out grown Spurs?

  • Keith G

    My God, this article is total bol*ox. Why don’t these people leave it alone. Has Lukaku outgrown Man Utd.

  • Toast

    F*ck. This is one of those articles that will send echoes through the ages, and have repercussions on the future.

    Harry is sat at home right now thinking… “That Andy Moore is talking sense, I mean, why am I at Tottenham?!
    It’s not like we’re in contention for titles, or cups, and not a fledgling top 4 team, creating waves through Europe and consistently playing sexy football.
    We don’t have anything coming that makes me want to stay…
    Oh wait, there is that new stadium coming.
    That will be the largest club stadium in London, and not to mention one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world… that must mean a fair chunk of change is coming Tottenham’s way, and loyalty could be seen as a good reason for a pay rise… nah, I’ve out grown that stadium and possibility of more money.
    Oh wait, we do have one of the most sought after squads in the PL, not to mention the continent, which is making a few pundits jealous. Wait, you don’t think Andy Moore is just jumping on the bandwagon and looking to break up the team?
    Nah, can’t be… he seems like a right nice guy.
    He probably supports a rival… but he doesn’t look like a sheep.
    Nah… I’ve outgrown this team… I’m gonna go join a team, where trophies are more guaranteed because I’m a lazy player. I won’t be remembered as a legend, but as a footnote, at least I’ll have a possible chance at trophies and tones of money.
    Who needs to create a legacy, anyway?”

    Yeah, that’s what Harry must be thinking…


  • Robert

    Andy Moore this is one of the most ill informed, factually incorrect and poorly justified articles I’ve read on this non-issue, which is saying something. If you aspire to have a career in journalism one day you have no chance if you continue to write lazy, sensationalist nonsense like this based on rumours, half truths, your own poor grasp of events and idiotic quotes you’ve picked up from ex-footballers who want to get their face on the telly. If you think Spurs had a bad transfer window, that others bought wisely compared to them and that the window caused questions to be raised about Daniel Levy then you are absolutely clueless about football despite the glowing homage to yourself taking up half the page above (which you might want to tweak. You don’t use has and have in the same sentence like that. Are you talking about Andy in the third person or about yourself in the first person? You ‘media professional’ you!). Really pathetic attempt at an article.

  • Chris Boyd-Waters

    Did Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst (our World Cup captain and hat trick hero) outgrow West Ham??
    Did Maradona outgrow Napoli? Did Keegan (while he won 2 European player of year awards) outgrow Hamburg?
    Did Pele outgrow Santos? The world is littered with great footballers who were loyal to their clubs ..even if those clubs finished way down their own league table. Sure some like Keegan moved from great clubs like Liverpool for fresh challenges, but few great players at clubs like Spurs actually moved on (at least before the start of the PL era). And not all GREAT footballers wanted to play for REAL MADRID anyway!! So learn your football history. It’s not about having to MOVE to the RICHEST CLUB that will make someone world class. And in some ways it can kill of a player’s chances of reaching that level, or at least stall his progress, should he take that option! You should also know that Tottenham Hotspur’s history will tell you that we ARE a GIANT club, albeit sleeping in recent years I admit, but which is now on the verge of waking up and taking its rightful place again among the game’s elite! Why should Kane leave all that? My God …if it’s not about MONEY (with every Spurs-hater, or jealous agenda-ridden pundit/journalist/agent, harping on about our best players needing to move to the disgusting moneybags clubs like City, PSG, Utd, RM etc., in order to get paid well, clubs that simply want to BUY titles without building beforehand) then it’s about about our best players only being able to improve further IF they MOVE to those covetous clubs! A fact which ignores what made them so great to begin with, at Tottenham and under Poch and others.

  • Robert

    Alasdair Gold (a proper journalist who knows what he is talking about) has just recorded a new podcast and maybe you should take a look and learn something Moore. As he says Harry has stated repeatedly that he wants to stay at the club for a very long time. He has revealed his dream is to captain the club and that he is excited about walking out at the new stadium. He also stated his wish to be Spurs’ all time top scorer. Money is not the key issue with the squad, morale and team spirit are sky high and (you will doubtless take this as gospel as it is a rumour) new contracts with much improved wages are likely to be handed out in the near future. That’s what repeatedly qualifying for the Champions League puts a club in the position to do. Now go write some articles on ladies football as it appears to be your field of expertise.

  • Christian Sawyer

    I didn’t read the article if one can use that word – I didn’t need to to know it was sensationalist halfwit nonsense. I just wanted to write a comment in the hope this moron of an originator (I will not call him an author), takes a look at himself and decides not to be such a palooka in future

Tottenham: Has Harry Kane outgrown the club?

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