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Premier League 25th Anniversary: Top 25 Kits

As the Premier League reaches its 25th year, we delve into our guilty pleasures and take a look at the best looking kits since 1992...

25. Portsmouth Home (2003/05)

A soft start to proceedings, as Harry Redknapp’s Portsmouth donned a Beanie Baby sponsor on their first ever Premier League kit. Fortunately, they stayed-up and weren’t toyed with in their simple kit. 


24. Wimbledon Home (1994/95)

If Portsmouth was a soft start, we’re heading straight to the other end of the spectrum with Wimbledon. A musky shade of blue combined with a mustard yellow was anything but comforting, and the strong collar was flicked straight up when Vinnie Jones meant business.


23. Sheffield Wednesday Home (1992/93)

There are so many quirky aspects to this kit for Sheffield Wednesday’s first Premier League season. The traditional blue and white stripes were complemented by the Sanderson sponsor and the vintage, yellow owl badge that resembles that of Drake’s current OVO brand. Ahead of their time. 


22.  Manchester City Home (1994/95)

Simplistic often wins with kit designs and this old-school Manchester City kit epitomised that. The badge will be familiar to modern fans, now that it has been re-adopted. The Brother sponsor was one of the best, boldly owning that blank, sky-blue canvas. 


21. Swansea City Home (2012/13)

It’s bold for a team in only their second ever Premier League season to rock a white and gold kit, but Swansea City pulled it off with ease. The Spanish influence of Michu and Pablo Hernandez added to the Real Madrid look and contributed to one of the classiest modern Premier League styles. 


20. Arsenal Home (2003/04)

Whilst not the most exciting of kits, the success that it brought to Arsenal creates an iconic status in itself. The Invincibles were not messing about in this traditional kit; red, white, done. 


19. Chelsea Home (1995/97)

Ruud Gullit’s arrival at Chelsea ignited a new era at Stamford Bridge, with a new look to match. The blue and gold combination is often a winner and Umbro certainly scored with this design. 


18. Leicester City Home (1997/98)

Yes, that is Roberto Mancini in a Leicester City shirt. The ex-Manchester City manager was fortunate enough to arrive at Filbert Street in the Le Coq Sportif/Walkers era, and was able to wear this design with the world’s biggest ever collar. 


17. Southampton Home (1997/98)

Sanderson’s second appearance on the list and proof that it was the best sponsor to fit on a striped shirt. Matt le Tissier was one of the most iconic players that The Dell had ever seen, and he had the uniform to match. 


16. Ipswich Town Home (1992/94)

The tie-up collar was seemingly a bit of a trend in the early nineties and made for some kits that looked like they were out of the 1800s. No complaining here though, as the Tractor Boys used this impressive kit in the first year of the league. 


15. Blackburn Rovers Home (1994/96)

A slight development from the Ipswich design, the string collar was replaced with a more subtle button. It worked a treat for Blackburn Rovers as they won their first ever Premier League title. 


14. Manchester United Away (1992/94)

The green and gold tradition of Manchester United is now associated with negativity and protests against the Glazer family, but their 90s kit was epic. We have gone back to the string collar but with a sharp design like that, it’s worth it. 


13. Arsenal Away (1992/93)

Now, this could just as easily feature on a list of the worst kits as it could on the best. We’ve decided that we’re a fan and this chaotic abstract is very worthy of a place among the elite. The tradition with Arsenal and yellow is always a favourite as well.  


12. Tottenham Hotspur Home (1997/99)

As the great Jurgen Klinsmann made his return to the Lane for a heroic second spell, the club embraced the German culture with this Adidas kit. The German manufacturer incorporated the logo of German brewery Holsten to top off this vintage effort.


11. Liverpool Away (1992/93)

Nothing shouts ‘old-school football shirt to wear at a rave’ more than this Liverpool away kit. The over-the-shoulder stripes and traditional football collar combined to create an edgy shirt that didn’t last long enough. 


10. Everton Home (1993/95)

On the other side of Merseyside, Everton’s 1993 effort was the best that we’ve seen from Goodison Park. The kit is synonymous with the club’s famous FA Cup win, and was the perfect Umbro product. 


9. Manchester City Third (2009/10)

Any kit that ditches a centrally-positioned sponsor is an immediate favourite with football fans. Manchester City’s third kit shifted Etihad to one side and allowed the diagonal seat-belt striped to dominate the kit and provide a classy replica to an old Manchester City design. 


8. West Bromwich Albion Special (2015)

If a smaller sponsor was a success, then this blank design was guaranteed to earn some plaudits. The tribute to the 1968 West Brom side was worn for one game against Leicester City and made us all wish that shirt commercialism was no longer a thing. 


7. West Ham United Home (1999/00)

Paolo Di Canio was, without a doubt, one of the most recognisable, iconic stars in Premier League history, and this West Ham shirt has jumped on the bandwagon. The Dr Martens sponsor represented the rebellious nature of the Hammers and owned the claret and blue canvas. 


6. Chelsea Away (2003/04)

The best away kit on the list is Chelsea’s 2003/04 special. The Roman Abramovich era brought a new level of class to Stamford Bridge, and this sophisticated design incorporated all of Chelsea’s traditional colours. Bring it back, I say… 


5. Arsenal Home (2005/06) 

The goodbye to Highbury was an emotional time for Arsenal fans, but the tribute kit that the Gunners wore for the whole of the 2005/06 season was something to behold. Some were against the shift from red and white, but the neutrals were welcoming of the burgundy kit. 


4. Leeds United Home (1995/96)

Nothing beats a one-colour kit (except the following three designs) and Leeds United embraced their traditions with the 1995/96 shirt. The old-school club logo and simple collar were the perfect ingredients to create a classic. 


3. Liverpool Home (1995/96)

A development from their green away kit, this Liverpool home strip went from shoulder strips the torso stripes in another ‘acid-rave’ special. Having the logo in the middle of the shirt is also pretty epic if I do say so myself. 


2. Manchester United Home (1992/94)

In this picture, the collar is down but the often flicked-up nature of the neck-piece made this shirt so famous. Eric Cantona was the ultimate model for the classic nineties United strip, and his nonchalant manner was exaggerated by the matador-esq kit. 


1. Newcastle United Home (1995/97)

Has one kit ever represented its city better than this 1995 classic? The traditional black and white stripes, the open collar, the Newcastle Brown Ale. All you need is Alan Shearer to fill it and you’ve got a religious artefact. 

Well, as it was number one…


  1. Which Premier League kit is your favourite?

    1. Newcastle United 1995/97
    2. Manchester United 1992/94
    3. Liverpool 1995/96
    4. Leeds United 1995/96
    5. Arsenal 2005/06
    6. Other
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Premier League 25th Anniversary: Top 25 Kits

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