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Premier League 25th Anniversary: Top 25 Goals

As the Premier League reaches its 25th anniversary, RealSport takes a look at the best goals ever to be scored in our favourite league.

  1. 1 Wayne Rooney vs Manchester City (2011)

    1-1 in the biggest derby of the season, with 15 minutes to go. Only one man could ever produce this piece of brilliance to win the game, it was Wayne Rooney. Was anybody else really going to top this list? 

    This goal is one of the best goals scored ever, not in just the Premier League, but the best in any league or any competition. An overhead kick of the highest class, in the middle of a crowd of defenders. 

    As Wayne Rooney ran to the corner flag, lifted his arms and looked up; it was clear that he had scored the best goal in the history of the Premier League. 'What a goal, in what a time, at what a place.' Wayne Rooney; you are the man. 

  2. 2 Rod Wallace vs Tottenham (1994)

    'What a goal, you can say no more than that.' Rod Wallace is not your household name, however, this goal is well deserving of the runner-up spot. 

    Wallace picked up the ball just outside his own 18-yard box, yes you read that correctly. He left three players in his wake, laying on the floor as they had to slide to take that ball off him - which they didn't. He took on player after player, before making his way into the box. 

    From here, a marvellous finish off the right boot of Wallace that simply no keeper gets to. Curling it into the far corner, Wallace places himself at #2 on this list. 

  3. 3 Dennis Bergkamp vs Newcastle (2002)

    He was always going to feature in this list at some point; and this goal is amazing. Coming in at number three, Dennis Bergkamp may have produced the best first touch of any player in the history of the Premier League. 

    I am not even going to try and explain the touch because I have no clue how he managed it. All I know is that it completely took the defender the complete wrong way and let Bergkamp one-on-one with the goalkeeper. 

    The finish was classic Bergkamp; one of the best finishers we have seen. But the first touch was just way too good, and gets this goal into the top three.

  4. 4 Emre Can vs Watford (2017)

    Goals like this simply shouldn't be occurring, they are way too good! Yet another overhead kick, but this one was insane. 

    A man not known for his ability to score goals, Emre Can and his right foot stunned the whole Premier League with this phenomenal finish. Can was almost outside the box when he attempted this, but the amazing thing was how high he got. 

    The finish as well was amazing, as top corner as top corner can get! Well deserving of the number four sport. 

  5. 5 Matt Le Tissier vs Newcastle (1993)

    Into the top five now, as we start with another goal from Matt Le Tissier. This superb solo effort goes down as one of the greatest, mostly due to the fact that the ball was in the air most of the time! 

    It starts with a scorpion kick type control as the ball was that far behind him, then was a chip over a defenders leg to keep it under control. Next game a chip over the last defenders head which was absolutely outrageous. 

    The ball didn't need to bounce however as he caressed the ball tidily into the bottom corner; one of the best goals in history. 

  6. 6 Dalian Atkinson vs Wimbledon (1992)

    I feel sorry for Wimbledon for copping all of these goals, but this one was just brilliance from Dalian Atkinson. 

    Picking up the ball before halfway, Atkinson took on three players and left the rest for dead as his pace was way too much for the Wimbledon defence to handle. The confidence he had walking through the whole team was brilliant until he decided to attempt the cheekiest of finishes. Atkinson looked up and instead of putting his foot through it, chipped the ball so delicately that proved too high for the keeper to get there. 

    One of the more cheeky goals in this list, but absolutely perfect.

  7. 7 Paolo Di Canio vs Wimbledon (2000)

    The celebration in this goal really says it all doesn't it? 

    With a fizzing ball coming into the box, you'd think Di Canio would be wise to take it down and whip in a cross; considering he is on such an angle. Di Canio was never a man to follow the trends however, as he attempted a volley with his right foot (the much tougher foot to attempt this with), and scored one of the best goals of all time! 

    As he ran off shaking his head and shaking his finger back and forth, Di Canio knew that goals like this simply aren't normal. 


  8. 8 Jack Wilshere vs Norwich (2013)

    Now this goal really is my all time favourite. Cazorla, Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud, Wilshere, Giroud, Wilshere, GOAL! 

    Six touches, six passes from when Wilshere first received the ball. The chemistry between these three players to carve up a defence that perfectly; amazing. Our only team goal in the list, and boy did it stun everybody. How about the finish also? A calm first time volley into the bottom corner, so casual but so damn good. 

  9. 9 Olivier Giroud vs. Crystal Palace (2017)

    This goal had to be in there! How imaginative can you get? 

    When the ball is that far behind you, normally a player would just leave it and hope there's a teammate there to collect it. But Olivier Giroud attempted a scorpion kick, and how well did he perfect it? Lets have a look at the finish though, it didn't just go in; it hit the corner of the post and the crossbar! 

    Any other goal and we say that it is a brilliant finish, but a scorpion kick? Wow. 

  10. 10 Thierry Henry vs Manchester United (2000)

    Into the pointy end of the countdown, that we kick off with another of my all time favourites. How many times have you tried to recreate this? 

    This goal was absolutely out of nothing, with his back to goal and a defender right on his backside. But only Henry could make this situation into one of the greatest goals ever. He flicked it up to himself and turned in an instant, where he would not have any time to look up at the goals; yet he still put this into the top corner. 

    What a finish. 

  11. 11 Tony Yeboah vs Liverpool (1995)

    How many bangers did this guy put in? 

    This stunning volley was no different as Tony Yeboah stunned Liverpool with a strike of the greatest calibre. What makes this goal so good is the fact that the ball was so far behind him; making the difficulty so much harder. The keeper even got there in the end, but couldn't get close to it as the ball cannoned off the crossbar and into the back of the net. 

  12. 12 Benito Carbone vs Newcastle (1997)

    One of the more underrated goals in this list, Benito Carbone produced one of the greatest overhead kicks that this league has ever seen. 

    Chest, volley to himself, scissor kick into the far corner. The phrase 'play the way you're facing' meant nothing to Carbone as he absolutely stole the show, a goal you simply don't see that often.

  13. 13 Glen Johnson vs Hull (2008)

    First things first, let's not forget this man is a right back. 

    Unlike many of the volleys that we've seen Johnson had to absolutely sprint at this ball. He not only had to hold off a defender, but he also had to take the ball down well enough at the speed he was going; very difficult. But then the strike, oh my what a strike! The keeper was planted, there was no point of him even moving. The ball hit the net at such pace, perfectly in the top corner. 

    What a goal. 

  14. 14 Matt Le Tissier vs Wimbledon (1994)

    This one has been entitled the free kick volley; because why take normal free kicks when you can do this? 

    This goal may have set the trend for the different variations of free kicks as Le Tissier managed to place the ball in the top right-hand corner. No momentum on the ball, no-run up, no problem. Just simply the placement of a ball where a keeper cannot possibly reach. 

    If you think this is the last time we see this guy in the countdown; you'd be wrong. 


  15. 15 Robin Van Persie vs Aston Villa (2013)

    I'm not sure if you've ever attempted a volley like this, but this is probably the most difficult way to strike a ball. 

    Across your body from a 40-yard ball, yet it found its way into the bottom corner without difficulty. This goal being at #15 is only a testament to the level of goals we are about to see; nonetheless, this is an absolutely magnificent goal from one of the leagues best ever strikers. 

  16. 16 Steven Gerrard vs Middlesborough (2006)

    How about the dip in this volley? 

    Steven Gerrard was one of the best strikers of the ball that this league has ever seen, and this goal was one of his best. 30 yards out; no problem. Gerrard left the keeper without a chance as the ball flew into the top corner. It was inevitable that he made the list, right? 

  17. 17 Pajtim Kasami vs Crystal Palace (2013)

    We couldn't have Torres' volley and not this one. 

    Pretty much a carbon copy of our #18, Pajtim Kasami took the ball down on his chest and completely stunned the whole of Selhurst Park. He didn't even let the ball bounce as Kasami scored one of the best goals the Premier League has ever seen and showed the class that he does indeed possess.

  18. 18 Fernando Torres vs Blackburn (2009)

    One of my all time favourite goals, Fernando Torres in his prime was brilliant. 

    There is no underestimating the degree of difficulty in this goal, he wasn't even looking at the goal; let alone the angle and the distance in which he faced. The run was perfect, the touch was perfect and the volley; volleys like that just aren't fair! What a goal. 

  19. 19 Michael Essien vs Arsenal (2007)

    This man didn't score that many goals, but boy was this good. 

    The ball almost moved in slow motion as it soared into the corner from 30 yards. The movement in the air of the ball was something we don't see that often, as it started a few metres wide of the post. But as it flew through the air, there was only going to be one result. An absolute worldie. 

  20. 20 David Beckham vs Wimbledon (1996)

    Yes it's been four United goals in a row, but how can this not be in there? 

    This is the goal that turned David Beckham into a legend. He picked up the ball and before even getting to halfway, he decided to have a crack! It's not like the keeper was that far off his line either, the goal wasn't completely unguarded. It would be a crime for this to miss out; an absolute show of class and pinpoint accuracy. 

  21. 21 Dimitar Berbatov vs Liverpool (2010)

    This man had a habit of scoring brilliant goals, this one no different. 

    The finish on this overhead kick was phenomenal, leaving the keeper absolutely stranded as the ball bounced down off of the crossbar. But how good was the touch? Berbatov set himself with his knee, with a reflex touch off a ball that looked like being easily cleared. The way he adjusted to set the ball at a height perfect for a bicycle kick; amazing. 


  22. 22 Paul Scholes vs Aston Villa (2006)

    This goal would have broken the net if it didn't hit the crossbar first! To the amazement of everybody including commentator Martin Tyler who could just say 'how', Paul Scholes struck the ball with so much power and accuracy that you cannot even dream of. A volley off the back of a cleared corner; a perfect strike. 

  23. 23 Wayne Rooney vs Newcastle (2005)

    This won't be the last time you see Wayne Rooney on this list, but wow what a strike. One of the cleanest strikers in Premier League history, Rooney made a habit of scoring goals like this; this being one of his best. Who needs to take a touch when you can put that much power into a ball? 

    The keeper did not stand a chance. 

  24. 24 Dele Alli vs Crystal Palace (2016)

    Wonderkid Dele Alli's best goal to date has by far been this strike against Crystal Palace, and it may seem unjust to appear this early on in the list. 

    Without the ball even touching the ground, Alli received the ball off a header and his touch to keep it under control was good enough. The flick over his head was marvellous, but the finish; the finish was insanely good. 

    Alli proved his credentials with this stunning volley. 

  25. 25 Matt Phillips vs Crystal Palace (2015)

    What a way to start the countdown; and what a goal! 

    Matt Phillips was one of the only shining lights in QPR's last season in the top flight, and he proved so through this absolute belter. Picking up the ball at halfway, the Scot only needed a few touches before hitting it from just inside his attacking half. The shot had too much power and was placed right in the top corner; too much for the keeper. If this is at 25, boy do we have a great countdown coming up. 

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Premier League 25th Anniversary: Top 25 Goals

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