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FPL GW3: Don’t abandon Kane and co. as Spurs hit good fixtures

GW2 was difficult but now is not the time to hit the wildcard! One or two good transfers can turn your week around, and here are the best options.

After a strong first week, GW2 brought managers back down to earth with a sharp bump. If you went big in defence on Alonso (and didn’t bench him for the game Chelsea were obviously meant to lose), or if you had loaded up on Man United assets after GW1 then you would have been okay.

Otherwise, it was slim pickings! But now is not the time to rip up your squad and start again, stay away from that wildcard because there will be many more times you will wish you had it and 2 weeks worth of data is not enough to build the winning squad of the year.


Best – Spurs (Burnley, Everton, Swansea, West Ham, Huddersfield, Bournemouth)

It may have been a bad weekend for Spurs but now is not the time to sell. They play Burnley at home this weekend then, after a tough match at Everton, play promoted Huddersfield and 3 teams who are without a win so far.


Worst – Bournemouth (Man City, Arsenal, Brighton, Everton, Leicester, Spurs)

Bournemouth lost at home to Watford and it could get worse before it gets better. 4 of last year’s top 7 clubs and Leicester (who have looked promising) await. Only Brighton is a fixture they should win.

Main Men

Romelu Lukaku (FWD, 10.6m, Leicester at home)

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record but, like Zlatan last year, it will be difficult not to recommend Lukaku for most matches. He has hit the ground running at his new club, he has very little competition for that spot up front so is almost free of rotation risk and he has excellent upcoming fixtures. Ignore him at your peril.


Harry Kane (FWD, 12.5m, Burnley at home)

I know what you’re thinking; the last time a big team played Burnley at home I recommended piling in and we all know what happened next. But Spurs are looking to bounce back from their defeat to Chelsea and Kane has got one more match to prove he can score a goal in August. It’s got to happen… Right?

Sergio Aguero (FWD, 11.5m, Bournemouth away)

My fears about the amount of playing time he would get have been allayed (only subbed off with a minute to go in the first week), and he is up against the team with the 5th worst defence of last season! Aguero will be looking to punish Bournemouth and get City back on track after their draw against Everton.

Gamble Picks

Chicharito (FWD, 7.1m, Newcastle away)

West Ham may be without a win so far, but there is potential in their fixtures. They go to Newcastle this weekend before welcoming Huddersfield to the London Stadium. We’ve already seen he can nab a goal at any time and I expect more to follow.


Tom Carroll (MID, 4.5m, Crystal Palace away)

Swansea also have some decent fixtures on the horizon and Carroll could be the man to replace Sigurdsson’s creative output. The youngster has grown into his role in the Swansea squad and should start to produce soon. Even if he doesn’t, it’s only a 4.5m punt!

Defensive Picks

Kieran Trippier (DEF, 5.4m, Burnley at home)

Spurs really are at the front of my mind for this week, never mind what happened against Chelsea! He may currently have a yellow flag but FPL hands those out to players who sneeze too often. Trippier is a top quality player who can whip in a good cross for Kane, so I’d expect both to profit from his return.


Maya Yoshida (DEF, 5.0m, Huddersfield away)

Southampton will provide the Terriers with their sternest Premier League test yet. They have a solid defence with Yoshida at the heart of it. Cedric is also a good idea but Yoshida has a lot of threat from set pieces and could really test Huddersfield’s defensive organisation.

Steer Clear

Davy Klaassen (MID, 7.4m, Chelsea away)

It’s a bit of a cheat picking an injured player, but Klaassen is a proxy for all Everton players, as their fixtures are still terrible. He also has to worry about the arrival of Sigurdsson affects his game time, so I think it’s time to drop this preseason favourite.


Simon Mignolet (GK, 5.0m, Arsenal at home)

Liverpool have continued to show the same old frailties at the back. There’s obviously something not quite right between goalkeeper and defence, otherwise, they would not concede as many soft goals!

Their next few fixtures don’t hold much promise either as they play Arsenal and then Man City. Liverpool won more points against the top 6 than any other team last year, so don’t discount their attackers, but stay well away from the defence!

Let us know who your transfer will be, or ask for advice from our fantasy experts in the comments section below.

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FPL GW3: Don’t abandon Kane and co. as Spurs hit good fixtures

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