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Danny Rose: Three ways Tottenham can resolve the issue

After Danny Rose's infamous interview with The Sun, we take a look at what options Tottenham now have with regards to the England left-back's future.

It’s been a difficult summer for Tottenham. They’ve sold Kyle Walker, one of their two right-backs, to title-rivals Manchester City and so far haven’t recruited anyone. Now, from his comments in his exclusive interview with The Sun, it seems that Danny Rose is fed up with the club’s transfer policy and wage structure.

The candid interview has left many assuming that this is the end of the road for Danny Rose at Tottenham, with Sky Sports claiming this morning that the left-back wants to join either Chelsea or Manchester United this summer if Spurs are willing to sell him.

Which begs the question of what do Tottenham do now with Danny Rose. They have three options:

So long, farewell…

The obvious thing to do is cash in on a sought-after talent and reinvest the money in developing the squad. This is an especially appealing route given the negative influence Danny Rose could become if he is genuinely unhappy at Spurs.

Particularly if Spurs strike a deal with Manchester United, there’s potential to receive some players in return, namely Luke Shaw to replace Rose, who was a star under Pochettino at Southampton, and Anthony Martial, who it seems Jose Mourinho doesn’t value.


The flip-side of this though is that if the north London club sell Rose to another English club, they will be weakening themselves whilst bolstering a direct rival.

Yes they will have the money to bring in a replacement but there is no guarantee they will be able to find someone suitable and that he will settle in quickly.

With the season less than a week away, this has to be in the forefront of the minds of those who will decide whether Danny Rose remains a Tottenham player during this window.

Ride out the storm

Whilst this story has received a lot of media attention, it is possible that the England international is happy at Spurs and will have gone to training today to tell the chairman and manager that he is committed to the club.

“I’m not saying I want out, but if something came to me that was concrete, I’d have no qualms about voicing my opinions to anyone at the club.”

In that case, they will just ride out the storm and let him come back into the fold once he is back from injury.

In this scenario, Tottenham may decide to reprimand the player and remind him of his responsibilities and the level of professionalism that is demanded of a Premier League player. However, once all is said and done, the incident will be forgotten and they will move on.


This makes the most sense as Tottenham will not want to lose one of the best left-backs in the league and have to recruit. It will keep the depth that they have on that side of the field and with four competitions to contend with, they will need both Rose and Ben Davies throughout the season.

It is also worthwhile to keep in mind that Rose is contracted to Tottenham until 2021 and therefore the club will be under no pressure to sell, should they wish to keep him.

Making an example

The final possibility open to Tottenham is to make an example of Danny Rose and neither sanction a transfer nor play him, instead forcing him to train with the reserves and not be a part of the first team. The Virgil van Dijk route…

On the face of it, this seems to be self-defeating and serve absolutely no purpose as Spurs will be paying someone for doing nothing. They will also not gain any funds from his sale and will still have to replace him.

However, this is still an attractive course of action that could happen as Tottenham look to move away from being labelled a ‘selling club’ and Pochettino may also want to show his players who’s boss.


He could well make an example of Rose and emphasise that such unprofessional interviews will not be tolerated by the club and if there is an issue, they should discuss it directly with the manager.

Ultimately he will want to use this situation as an opportunity to impress on his squad that the club is in charge and that no one is bigger than the team.

Pochettino also has form in this area as he refused to let Andros Townsend be a part of the first team squad after he had a row with the fitness coach in 2015.

Where do they go from here?

It’s an interesting situation as the player and his agent are obviously out to get the best deal for themselves whilst Tottenham must of course look after their own interests.

To me it feels like Danny Rose has used this interview to try to get an improved contract from Spurs whilst also alerting other clubs to the possibility of a move should this not materialise.

A show of strength

Personally, I would like Tottenham to show strength and put Rose in the reserves until he apologises.

He was quick to sign an improved deal and up his wages to £65k p/w last December and he should honour that, especially as he has barely played since due to injury.

It sounds petty, but as West Brom did with Saido Berahino a few years ago, there comes a time when clubs should enforce contracts and equally, the players should pay back the faith and time the staff put into them.

Rose would not be the player he is today had Pochettino not helped him and he should remember that before mouthing off to the press.

No-one bigger than the club

If he wants to win trophies, he should knuckle down at Tottenham and prove he is good enough.

They are so close to building something truly special and if they stick together they will win silverware soon, but only as long as they stick to the principles that got them there – one of which is that there are no stars in the team.

In order for that to work, each individual needs to pulls their own weight and not shirk their responsibility to their teammates.

Should Rose not wish to be a part of that anymore, Spurs should put him in the reserves as a warning to their talented youngsters of what happens when one feels that they are bigger than the club.

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Ariel Shapiro

Ariel loves everything about football and has been watching and going to matches since he could walk.

Having had coaching and training on a regular basis from age 6-11, Ariel didn't continue due to school pressures but his love for the game continues until today.

  • Tony Borg

    It’s nice to know that even the players want the board to sign quality players and not players you have to Google to know who they are. It’s also a shame that yet again we are starting the season short in one department or another, supposedly we are to sign 3 or 4 players before the end of the window but these players should have been signed before a ball has been kicked of the new season, every year we make the same mistakes. Can’t wait to see who these 3 or 4 players are going to be? Laptop and Google at the ready.

    • Ariel Shapiro

      Haha this is so true. Daniel Levy is so frustrating because he’s a great businessman but not a football man. He needs to get the players Pochettino wants and early in the window so that they can settle in and work on the style of play etc. As you say, we know which way it will go and it will impact on the team.

      If Spurs have to start with Sissoko at right back against Newcastle it will be embarrassing but will emphasise the point.

  • Niven Frey

    Rose has been indiscreet but this needed to happen sooner or later. Every business man knows there are times when you have to speculate to accumulate. Timing is key! When I think back to those Spurs teams of the past that came ‘close’ – especially the Redknapp ensemble of Modric, Bale, Van der Vaart – and the club didn’t make a ‘push’ – this was conspicuous to say the least, suggestive of a lack of winning mentality. That has to change from now! I hope for the club’s sake it does. I would say to the owners ‘this horse is ready to run – stop pulling it up!’

Danny Rose: Three ways Tottenham can resolve the issue

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