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Danny Rose: Why Spurs should sell to Man Utd, not Chelsea

If Spurs decided to cash in on their left back in light of his interview with The Sun, it would be unforgivable to sell to their London rivals.

It was the interview no Tottenham fan ever wanted to see.

In a revealing sit-down with The Sun, Danny Rose admitted that time is running out in his career to win trophies and medals and he’d be willing to discuss a move away from north London to be able to do so.

“Time is running out and I do want to win trophies. I don’t want to play football for 15 years and not have one trophy or one medal”

The 27-year-old told The Sun that he wasn’t planning on submitting an official transfer request to force through a move, but he’d be willing to discuss offers that came in from other clubs.

“I’m not saying I want out, but if something came to me that was concrete, I’d have no qualms about voicing my opinions to anyone at the club.”

Rose has indicated that he’s growing disillusioned with the perceived lack of ambition at Tottenham and the slow transfer activity that has seen Spurs fail to bring in a new face thus far this summer. Moreover, he’s expecting a pay rise when he negotiates his next contract, inferring that he feels undervalued by the club and isn’t paid what he’s worth.


These are issues that other, more financially imbued, clubs can readily resolve, hence Rose’s eagerness to try to engineer a move elsewhere.

RealSport understand that Rose would prefer a move to one of Manchester United or Chelsea, so we’re looking at which would be best for the left back.

Manchester United

Jose Mourinho isn’t yet satisfied with United’s transfer business this summer and reports have emerged that he’s keen to switch his attention to Rose if the Red Devils fail in their pursuit of Ivan Perisic and Gareth Bale, which is looking likely.

For Danny Rose

From Rose’s perspective, this is a great move. United are finally beginning to look the side that Sir Alex Ferguson left behind in terms of quality though the mentality is still some way short of that engineered under the Scot.


Having won three trophies last season, Mourinho has further demonstrated his trophy-winning pedigree and it offers Rose a chance to win a piece of silverware, perhaps even the Premier League title.

United are willing to open the chequebook when it comes to players they desperately want and a move would see Rose earn over £100k p/w, satisfying his desire to earn a wage he feels reflects his worth. It also won’t leave too bitter a taste in the mouths of Spurs supporters.

For Man United

For Mourinho’s counter-attacking, low block defensive system, Rose is a great addition. He offers speed, trickery and directness on the counter-attack, attributes United lack in defence.

It’s proven difficult to play for Daley Blind and Matteo Darmian, pure defenders rather than winger-wingback hybrids, especially in a 3-5-2 formation, but Rose would correct this deficiency.

For Tottenham

If Spurs do decide to sell Rose this summer in light of his outrageous interview with The Sun, United are perhaps the best suitor in terms of the benefits the selling club receive.

The Lillywhites are in a strong position when it comes to Rose. He signed a five-year deal only last summer, so his value is protected for the next couple of years, and they’re in a position in which they don’t actually need to sell, especially as Rose didn’t explicitly state that he wanted to leave or that he’d hand in a transfer request.

It means Spurs can demand an extortionately high fee. Moreover, Mourinho has players in his squad he doesn’t want, namely Luke Shaw and Anthony Martial.


Prior to his move to Old Trafford, Shaw was one of England’s most promising youth prospects and excelled under Mauricio Pochettino at Southampton. Perhaps the Argentine can get the best out of him once more if he overcomes his fitness issues?

Martial, too, would be a great addition to Tottenham and he offers directness, power and speed on the left flank, as well as an ability to beat defenders and fire shots on goal.

Selling to United allows for Spurs to include players they need in a part exchange deal.


I’m eager to understand how Chelsea fits into Rose’s perception of “up north,” but he reportedly is keen to join Antonio Conte’s title-winners if they were to table an offer.

“I will say this too,” Rose said. “I will play up north. I don’t know exactly when, but I will get back up north and play some football somewhere.”

Last time I checked, Chelsea were still based in west London.

For Danny Rose

Chelsea offers arguably the same prospect as Manchester United. At Stamford Bridge, Rose will likely be able to fulfil his desire to win trophies and Roman Abramovich would undoubtedly offer him a mammoth wage packet to reflect his perceived worth.

However, Marcos Alonso had a fantastic season and there’s the argument that Rose wouldn’t be undisputed first choice as he would at Old Trafford. He’d likely slot into a rotational system, but there’s every chance he ousts Alonso as first choice by the mid-way point of the campaign.


Moreover, Chelsea are enduring some turbulence at present. The squad is thin, Conte is unhappy with the summer activity and there are doubts over whether he’ll continue at the club. Is this the best environment to join?

In truth, it doesn’t matter too much. Chelsea are notorious for turning over both players and managers on a regular basis, yet still manage to keep the silverware incoming.

“I’ll never forget how some fans treated me when I signed a contract… I got a lot of stick before Mauricio came to the club. I’ll never forget some of things they said about me.”

The big issue with a move to west London, though, is that Rose would be joining one of Spurs’ most hated rivals. I think for the player it genuinely doesn’t make a shred of difference, based on the loyalty demonstrated in his interview, but if he thought the stick he got prior to Pochettino’s arrival was bad, just wait and see what this move would herald…

For Chelsea

Chelsea benefit in the same way United do. In Rose, they get the Premier League’s best left back, one that made it into the PFA Team of the Year despite missing half the season through injury.

He fits Conte’s counter-attacking style of play and his speed and energy on the left flank offers a great attacking outlet to complement and support Eden Hazard on the same side of the pitch.

Moreover, it solves a key issue in their squad in terms of depth. Conte has complained about the diminishing size of the Blues’ squad and having a pair of wing backs to rotate through the season will be key to success, given the importance placed on the position in the Italian’s system.

For Tottenham

The encouraging thing about having both Chelsea and United interested in Rose is that Daniel Levy can do what he does best and spark a bidding war to drive his price up and both clubs will be willing to spend around £50-60 million to acquire him. Either way, therefore, Spurs will benefit financially.

However, there’s no upside whatsoever in selling the 27-year-old to the Blues. The boardroom will be perceived in a terrible light by the fan base for committing the unforgivable act of selling to a London rival, whilst there aren’t many players Chelsea would be willing to send the other way to sweeten the deal, whereas United have a few in their ranks that would solve a few problems in the Spurs squad.

RealSport verdict: Manchester United

Whilst no Spurs fan or member of staff, for that matter, wants to see Danny Rose leave the club, the fact of the matter is that it might become an inevitability in the near future.

If it does, there’s only one option here in terms of selling within the Premier League. It’s unspeakable to sell to Chelsea, leaving just United as an option.

Moreover, the Red Devils will pay over the odds and be able to offer players in exchange to sweeten the deal.

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Oli Stein

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  • David

    Why sell to either? Both are teams of appalling ethics. If Spurs are to sell flog him abroad.

    • Oli Stein

      I never suggested they should sell, rather who to IF (and a big IF) it came down to it as an inevitability

  • Totmad

    Cop on to yourself, you haven’t a clue about football and stop writing rubbish. We are going for the title, remember we came 2nd last year and have a better team than Utd. Why should we sell our players to Utd? For them to win the league is it? Go make to Bristol University and get some brains while your at it me good man and stop trying to get in on the act of rumor mongering. We will finish above Utd this year again and Mourinho will be down the road. Utd let me tell you will NEVER get back to the Fergie days, them days are long gone and if Mourinho doesn’t win the league he’ll be gone too. Go out and get a real job. The glory days are coming back to Tottenham. We have Kane.Alli,Erikson,Wanyama,Son,Lloris,Dembele,Vertongen,Alderweirld, do you want to start writing dirt on them too or maybe how about Poch wanting to leave or something! You think the only teams in England are Utd,Chelsea,City. Where did City finish?,or Utd,or Liverpool,or Arsenal? We will see! COYS.

    • Oli Stein

      Please read the caption. It states ‘IF Spurs decide to sell.’ I never once said they SHOULD sell, rather who they should sell to IF it came down to it. I for one don’t think Spurs should sell at all

      • Totmad

        If we were not a top 4 club I could understand players wanting to go but we are a Champions league club with a new stadium the best players in the league including Golden boot winner Harry Kane 2 seasons in s row plus the best manager in the League according to Gary Neville, why would we want to sell our best players? How are we going to fill our new stadium or win silverware by giving away all our players! It doesn’t make sense what you wrote thats why I got upset. All it is is jumping on the band wagon tactics!

        • Oli Stein

          I’m really not suggesting Spurs would want to sell at all. The point is that Rose has really put the club in an awkward position and it’s very much in Poch’s nature to exile him and sell him, as was the case with Walker when he made noise about a move towards the end of last season. He might end up forcing them into a sale, hence it becoming an inevitability.

          The last person to give an interview of this nature was Bentaleb and he was shifted despite his potential. Different situation but highlights my point.

          From a theoretical standpoint, my words do make sense. In terms of Spurs wanting to continue their growth, they don’t, but that’s not the issue the article is addressing

          • Totmad

            you said we should sell to utd because rose can see what utd are building and the glory days coming back. What about spurs glory days? I took back some of my comments in the 1st post. I am not one of those people who sits behind a keyboard and abuses people.

          • Oli Stein

            One League Cup in the last decade or so doesn’t count as glory days. United won three last year..

            Don’t disagree that we’re on the cusp of glory, but pay structure is holding us back as per.

            Anyway, it’s theoretical and I don’t want rose to leave nor do I think he will this summer

          • Totmad

            Hahaha very funny, I’m talking about real glory days here winning doubles and winning the league regularly like in the 60s, not that mickey mouse cup you are talking about. You ‘do want to look up some of the history of spurs, the 1st team to win the double, the 1st English team to win a cup in Europe.

          • Oli Stein

            Why would Rose want to stay at Spurs because we won the double over 50 years ago?

            I know our history and it has no bearing on whether current players want to stay or not

          • Totmad

            It has everything to do with history. We will never win trophies at the rate your going at! I’ve waited long enough for the glory days and many other Tottenham fans and your getting away from your earlier article that we should sell Rose if we wanted (which we don’t ) to Utd instead of Chelsea, some supporter you are. All the Arsenal fans are having a laugh at all these articles and Chelsea I might add so for further reference if you want to write something about Spurs your team, write a good positive article that will inspire the players and the team and the fans. COYS

  • TotCrazy

    Oli is clearly an Arsenal fan. Written for Spurs fans by an Arsenal Fan. Classic.

    • Oli Stein

      Please read my biography, Sir. Lifelong Tottenham fan and season ticket holder

      • TotCrazy

        Fake news

      • TotCrazy

        Arsenal season ticket holder

  • Guistols

    I don’t understand why some seem to have such a hard time understanding your argument. If forced to chose I, also, would chose Luke Shaw + $20-40 rather than $70.

Danny Rose: Why Spurs should sell to Man Utd, not Chelsea

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