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Behind the @: we speak to LeedsUnited_Mad

Introducing ‘Behind the @’, a feature dedicated to finding out more about some of social media’s sporting profiles. From popular Twitter accounts to YouTube superstars, we want to know more about the people behind the @ – the ones running the accounts that so many fans appreciate on a daily basis worldwide.

In this edition, we spoke to @LeedsUnited_Mad, an independently run movement with no partiality either way, covering everything Leeds United related. You could say it’s the go-to spot for your Leeds news.

RealSport: What made you decide to establish yourself as an online presence within the Leeds community?

LeedsUnited_Mad: I love everything about Leeds, and the football club should be the hub of all the city. So naturally with me being passionate about football it was easy for me to get onto social media to spread my love & enthusiasm.

RS: When did you realise you had a large online influence?

LUM : It gathered speed straight away as Leeds United, despite being in the Championship, are one of the most popular clubs in the world. So everyone who loves the club like me caught on immediately.

RS: What was your first ever tweet?

LUM: I’ve made over 86k tweets and retweets so my memory of my first one is a bit of a blur. But I like to give my followers everything on the club so a lot of stories are sent out every minute, hour, every day.

RS: Your Twitter account is hugely popular, but then you also have a website which covers Leeds pretty extensively. Is your LeedsUnited-Mad website the main focus for you?

LUM: It is my main focus as everything I put on there feeds down to my Twitter and Facebook followers. So I devour every news story on the club as there’s always something going on at Leeds United!

RS: Realistically, in your eyes, how long will it be until Leeds are promoted?

LMU: How long is a piece of string? Seems a long time since we were in the Premier League now. We have the fans. We have the stadium. We have the passion. We just need good strong leadership and that starts at the top.

RS: Do you do any work in collaboration with Leeds?

LUM: I don’t get involved directly with the club except for the odd occasion when I co-commentate on LUTV with the legendary Eddie Gray and Thom Kirwin.

RS: Tell us about a time where your Tweet did something you didn’t expect

LUM: Former skipper Ross McCormack has replied to tweets in the past but it’s not about that, it’s about reaching out to fans all over the world. ‘Marching On Together’ if you like!

RS: Where do you think the future of your account lies? Strictly on Twitter? Or do you want to pursue other avenues, e.g. punditry, journalism, introducing your own product range?

LUM: I love all aspects of the media and I have done lots of work for Radio Yorkshire, Radio Leeds, Radio Aire & FourFourTwo for example.

RS: And finally, can you give us your all-time Leeds XI…

LUM: It’s predictable I’m afraid, but the best: Martyn, Reaney, Cooper, Bremner, Charlton, Hunter, Lorimer, Clarke, Jones, Giles, E Gray.

You can follow LeedUnited-Mad on Twitter here.

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Behind the @: we speak to LeedsUnited_Mad

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