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Behind the @: we speak to Empire Of The Kop

Introducing ‘Behind The @’, a feature dedicated to finding out more about some of social media’s sporting profiles. From popular Twitter accounts to YouTube superstars, we want to know more about the people behind the @ – the ones running the accounts that so many fans appreciate on a daily basis worldwide.

In this edition, we spoke to Empire Of The Kop, a “social-blog for Liverpool fans by Liverpool fans worldwide”. EOTK are known to deliver extensive coverage of anything Liverpool related, doing so on a consistent basis, while also maintaining a strong following on Twitter and Facebook. It comes as no surprise that EOTK are one of the most prolific Liverpool blogs around.

RealSport: What made you decide to become a presence within Liverpool’s online community?

Empire Of The Kop: I started Tweeting back in 2008 under my own personal account, which I changed to @empireofthekop after I launched the website.

RS: When did you realise you had a large online influence? 

EOTK: When famous people started following me.

RS: What was your first ever tweet? 


RS: There are obviously loads of fans accounts, but what separates your account from the rest? 

EOTK: Probably the experience – I was an early adopter to Twitter.

RS: Do you get a lot of attention from professionals or athletes within the industry?

EOTK: Yes I do, mostly it has been good.

RS: Who are some of your Twitter rivals/ accounts you frequently clash with, if any at all? And are there other accounts you particularly get on with? 

EOTK: Those who annoy me get blocked so I don’t have to bother with them. There are quite a few I get along [with].

RS: Tell us about a time where your tweet did something you didn’t expect (e.g. reached someone famous, evoked a crazy response) etc. 

EOTK: Yes, Ryan Babel. He had just gotten in trouble for saying something about Rafa Benitez (who was the manager then) on Twitter and was fined. I created a fake RT as he was coming on to play: “RT @RyanBabel I am coming on”. Everyone got the joke but when he saw the tweet after the game he was upset as he thought I was trying to get him in trouble, I apologised and he accepted it after explaining what I was doing.

Where do you think the future of your account lies? Strictly on Twitter? Or do you want to pursue other avenues, e.g. punditry, journalism, introducing your own product range?

EOTK: This account is simply a conduit for our site www.empireofthekop.com, we are on Facebook and Google Plus as well. We also have our own app.

@EmpireOfTheKop is the official Twitter account of www.empireofthekop.com

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Behind the @: we speak to Empire Of The Kop

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