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Behind The @: we speak with Deluded Brendan

Introducing ‘Behind The @’, a feature dedicated to finding out more about some of social media’s sporting profiles. From popular Twitter accounts to YouTube superstars, we want to know more about the people behind the @ – the ones running the accounts that so many fans appreciate on a daily basis worldwide. In this edition, we speak to the one and only ‘Deluded Brendan‘, which is an account set up in April 2015 and has since taken Twitter by storm.

It is a parody of Brendan Rodgers which plays on his constant positivity and refusal to accept that his team has struggled. Deluded Brendan took a satirical look into day-to-day life at Liverpool under Rodgers. Rest assured, Deluded Brendan will be back when Brendan Rodgers gets the Real Madrid job.

RealSport: What do you have to say about being sacked? 

Deluded Brendan: Sacked? I stepped down. I’d taken Liverpool to where I wanted to by nearly winning the league.

RS: On a scale of 1-Xavi, where do you rate Joe Allen?

DB: You don’t rate Joe Allen – Joe Allen rates you.

RS: How have you adapted to life after Liverpool?

DB: It’s great. I’ve been on the sunbed 30 times and read many books on character. 

RS: What do you make of Jurgen Klopp?

DB: He’s a nice guy but he’s no Roy Hodgson. He walked into a world class squad, so his job is easy.

RS: Given that Phillipe Coutinho was a player you signed, does he now owe you his life?

DB: When I first saw Phil nobody knew about him, he was playing for some small Italian club called Inter Milan. It’s the best piece of scouting I’ve ever done. It’s up there with Divock Origi. 

RS: What did it feel like to nearly win the Prem, but leave with nothing?

DB Left with nothing? We left with our heads held high, what more can you ask for?

RS: What did you make of Raheem Sterling’s antics? Did he throw his toys out the pram?

DB: I wouldn’t say he did that. When I told him it was time to move on and that I was selling him, he took it quite well. He celebrated with balloons, he’s a nice lad really.

RS: Do you think you’ll manage Barcelona one day?

DB: I’d prefer Real Madrid.

RS: How world class is Liverpool’s current squad? Is that all your doing? 

DB: It’s the best squad Liverpool have ever had. Origi reminds me of Ian Rush.

RS: Do you think Northern Ireland will temporarily hire you to be manager for Euro 2016?

DB: I can’t see any reason that they wouldn’t. I managed them on FIFA 2005 and won the World Cup so I have great international experience

RS: If you could pick any five players for a five-a-side team, who else joins Joe Allen in that all-star lineup?

DB: GK: Brad Jones, DF: Lovren, MF: Allen, RF: Aspas, LF: Origi

RS: How much character do you have?

DB: You’d need to invent a new scale to measure that

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Behind The @: we speak with Deluded Brendan

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