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Barcelona: Which team is next for Lionel Messi?

The five-time Ballon D'or winner's contract is set to expire in 2018 and looks to have eyes set on a move elsewhere. But what club would best fit the icon's ambition?

The speculation around Barcelona’s top goalscorer is constantly increasing and, with contract talks meant to have started back in July, the Messi-Barcelona love affair looks to have reached a breaking point. 

In four months time (January 1st) clubs will be allowed to approach Lionel Messi with offers of their own unless he puts pen to paper on a bumper new contract with Barcelona. 

With the front man having the ability to be the star player in any team, he is one of the best of all time after all, which clubs would be the most beneficial to Messi himself?

  1. 1 Manchester City

    Having worked alongside City manager, Pep Guardiola for four years at Barcelona and winning the treble in their 2011/12 season, surely the two can aspire to do the same across the Channel in Manchester.

    In Guardiola's last two seasons at the Nou Camp, Messi accumulated 122 goals in 105 appearances. Guardiola already knows how to facilitate Messi's talent and this will help Messi with the adaptation of football in the Premier League.  

    While at Barcelona Messi has always demanded the team around him to be of a certain calibre and with teammates in the form of David Silva, Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne, he will definitely have that. 

  2. 2 Paris Saint-Germain

    The French super-giants are yet to win football's most desired prize, the Champions League. With Messi and former teammate Neymar at the helm, it could be another record Messi breaks. 

    Although Ligue 1 is not deemed to be the most competitive league in the world, the league continues to attract the top players. At the age of 30, many players such as David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva have taken to the league to enjoy their prime. 

    Messi is well-known to be good friends with Neymar, and with the opportunity to play with his ex-teammate on the cards, along with a large-figured cheque, then you can never rule it out.

  3. 3 Manchester United

    There is no better a way to settle the Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi argument by the latter achieving or surpassing what Ronaldo accomplished at United. 

    Jose Mourinho's side have most certainly got the credentials to help add to the list of Messi's feats. Mourinho himself has won the Champions League on two occasions as well as the United side including two winners of their own.

    Messi is so often criticised for not plying his trade outside of La Liga, that a move to the Premier League could be the difference between GOAT status and simply heroic recognition. 

  4. 4 Real Madrid

    Yes, Real Madrid. Hear me out...

    If Messi was to follow in the footsteps of Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Michael Laudrup and ex-boss Luis Enrique and dare to cross the divide, then he could become part of one of football's most devastating attacking trios. 

    Although the move would be seen as one of the most unpopular ever to grace the footballing world, the results could prove destructive. Messi already has eight La Liga titles, four UEFA Champion League medals and five Copa Del Rey trophies but surely this move would expand his trophy room to a trophy house. 

    I must add that the likelihood of this happening is probably as high as Messi joining Tony Pulis for some direct football at West Brom, but what's football without a bit of hypothetical thinking?

  1. Which team should Lionel Messi join next?

    1. Manchester City
    2. Paris Saint-Germain
    3. Manchester City
    4. Real Madrid
    5. None, he will stay at Barcelona
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Barcelona: Which team is next for Lionel Messi?

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