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WWE 2K18: Full trophy and achievement guide for PS4 & Xbox One

Check out our detailed guide to every trophy and achievement in WWE 2K18 on both PS4 and Xbox One! They've been conveniently grouped by the mode they're earned in!

WWE 2K18 has only been available via early access for a few days, but we’ve compiled a full guide to every trophy (or achievement) in this year’s installment of WWE’s game series. Every entry has the applicable gamerscore (i.e. 30G) for Xbox One users and trophy quality (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold) for PS4 users listed at the end of that entry. The actual content of the achievements or trophies and how they’re earned doesn’t change from PS4 to Xbox One, only the “reward” and whether it’s recognized as a trophy or an achievement. Regardless of platform, this guide will still work for you. 

MyCAREER Mode Trophies

The following trophies are earned throughout the single player MyCAREER Mode. Most of these are pretty simple, and are earned through a regular run through of MyCAREER Mode. If you're trying to get them all, decide on a career track (Company Man or Fan Favorite) early so that you can focus on that and earn the "Locker room leader" trophy quicker. The same applies to side quests, which you only get a shot at once a week within MyCAREER Mode. Make sure to activate them as often as possible, and you'll even get extra VC (Virtual Currency) for each completed side quest.

My path starts here: MyCAREER - Complete the tutorial. (Bronze, 15G)

Locker room rookie: MyCAREER - Complete one side quest. (Bronze, 15G)

On the right track: MyCAREER - Reach level 2 on a career track. (Bronze, 20G)

Welcome to the main roster: MyCAREER - Complete your first match in RAW or SmackDown. (Silver, 30G)

The face that runs the place: MyCAREER - Reach level 10 on a career track. (Silver, 30G)

Locker room leader: MyCAREER - Complete 20 side quests. (Silver, 30G)

WWE Veteran: MyCAREER - Complete the main story. (Gold, 30G)

Online Play Trophies

The following trophies are acquired through playing online against (or with) other WWE 2K18 players. Road to Glory is accessed within MyPLAYER where you can use your MyCAREER superstar to play online. Unless you're serious about online play, don't worry about these. It will take a significant amount of skill, and time, to complete each of them. However, one is simple if you know someone else with WWE 2K18. The "Teamwork is fun" trophy is earned by playing via the WWE Online Mode and inviting a friend to play with you. If you and your friend can manage a win, the trophy is yours. 

Star collector: ROAD TO GLORY - Qualify for a PPV event. (Bronze, 30G)

Big draw!: ROAD TO GLORY - Reach level 10 in Prospect. (Bronze, 20G)

Gauntlet runner: ROAD TO GLORY - Complete 10 challenges. (Silver, 30G)

Ringmaster: ROAD TO GLORY - Win 100 matches. (Silver, 30G)

Teamwork is fun: Win a Team Up match. (Bronze, 20G)

WWE Universe Mode Trophies

The following trophies all come while playing through the WWE Universe Mode. If you're serious about getting them all, your best bet is to start early. If planned properly, you can likely earn every single one of these through only one year in WWE Universe Mode. They're not complicated, they just take time. 

Control freak: WWE Universe - Play and complete each match on a show’s match-card. (Silver, 30G)

SNICKERS. Hunger to Win > Hunger: WWE Universe - Play and win 50 matches. (Silver, 30G)

Road to WrestleMania: WWE Universe - Win the Royal Rumble and get a World Title at WrestleMania. (Bronze, 15G)

Woman of the year: WWE Universe - Win or defend the WWE Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania (Silver, 30G)

Future of the WWE: WWE Universe - Cash in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania and win the Championship. (Silver, 30G)

Thank you, Taker!: WWE Universe - Play as Roman Reigns, beat Undertaker at WrestleMania. (Bronze, 15G)

Superstar Specific Trophies

Here we have the easiest earned trophies in all of WWE 2K18. Most of these trophies are earned by playing any match in Play Mode with a specific superstar and winning the match. One trophy is earned by playing against Chris Jericho and winning the match. That's it. Nice and simple. 

You just made the List: Win a match against Chris Jericho. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Glorious: Win a match as Bobby Roode. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Monster among us: Win a match as Braun Strowman. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

YES! YES! YES!: Win a match as Daniel Bryan. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Ashes to ashes: Win a match as Goldust. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Go go Hideo: Win a match as Hideo Itami. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Modern day Maharaja: Win a match as Jinder Mahal. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

2 Badd: Win a match as Karl Anderson. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 20G)

No autographs please: Win a match as The Miz. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Silver, 20G)

I’m not like most girls: Win a match as Nia Jax. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Legit Boss: Win a match as Sasha Banks. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Kingslayer: Win a match as Seth Rollins. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Match Type Specific Trophies

Each of these trophies pertain to a specific match type, whether it be Elimination Chamber, Royal Rumble, or others. There are a few that come via backstage and parking lot brawls, which can only be accessed via certain match types. Some you may earn as you explore match types, but it won't be difficult to pick them off one match at a time. 

Who’s next?: Eliminate all opponents in an Elimination Chamber match. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Silver, 30G)

Stronger and stronger: Receive 3 rollout buffs during a Royal Rumble match. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Beating the odds: Escape an elimination attempt in the Royal Rumble by 2 superstars. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Shane? Is that you?: Make an opponent fall off the Trailer in the Parking Lot. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Take it Backstage: Finish a match backstage. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Food fight: Slow your opponent by throwing something from the catering table. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Forklift operator: Perform a successful diving attack from the forklift. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Hope you have insurance for that: Perform a Car OMG! (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

By any means: Successfully knock your opponent off their feet using an equipment box. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Miscellaneous Trophies

Our final section of trophies are earned via Play Mode as well, but vary from utilizing certain new game mechanics to winning under specific circumstances. Similar to other Play Mode trophies, these are pretty simple. The one that may seem difficult at first is winning a normal match in less than 60 seconds, but you can still edit the rules to give superstars low health and start with three finishers. Leverage yourself by playing as Brock Lesnar against Gran Metalik, and three F5's later you've earned that trophy. 

#FinishIT with truth: Win a Normal One on One match in less than 60 seconds (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Silver, 20G)

Show-Off: Perform a Crowd or Opponent taunt. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Made the hard way: Perform 3 major reversals in a Single Match. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Silver, 20G)

This way please!: Throw an opponent out of the ring using Grapple Carry. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Jim: Use all 4 carry positions in a single match. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Silver, 20G)

Chiro appointment: Slam your opponent onto the steel steps. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Title shot: Attack your opponent using the Championship Title. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Pay attention!: Successfully pin a distracted opponent using a Leverage Pin. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Catch & release: Catch and carry a diving opponent. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Hot! Hot! Hot!: Perform a Hot Tag. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Fashion Leader: Use a custom Championship and win a match. (PLAY mode against A.I.) (Bronze, 15G)

Notice a mistake in our guide? Know any tricks on how to earn any of the trophies in WWE 2K18? Let us know in the comments below!

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WWE 2K18: Full trophy and achievement guide for PS4 & Xbox One

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