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Worst Class In Battlefield History

The community is outraged by how bad this class is, as how his usefulness as been drastically nerfed. But who is it and how?

The Medic in the Battlefield series is known for having some of the best weaponry in the game, as well as keeping the team fighting and moving forward with health packs and revives. Now the class has been completely neutered and stripped of all meaning in Battlefield 1. His main function of reviving has been made completely useless. How this use to work in all previous installments is when a teammate went down, a logo would pop up above them with a count down before they were out for good. Before the time ran out you had to get to your ally and revive them. Now in Battlefield 1 you don’t get this icon, so if a player is dead in the next room to you, you’ll have no idea, and you also don’t know how long bodies have been down, so it could be a corpse you’re trying to revive.

As well as this you can now speed up the timer that allows you to respawn faster, putting the medic at an even bigger disadvantage. The weaponry is also pretty bad and poorly balanced. You carry a semi automatic rifle, but don’t stand a chance against the other classes, as SMGs dominate at close range, LMGs at mid range, and sniper at long range, leaving you feeling like the odd and useless one out. Overall the medic went from a must pick class to the runt of the litter, becoming more useless than camping snipers in Battlefield 4, Hopefully a balance patch will be released very soon. 

Worst Class In Battlefield History

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