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Wolfsburg sign another pro FIFA player

The German football club increase the size of their eSports team through the signing of a two time FIFA German Champion.

News has come from the German football club Wolfsburg regarding their eSports team.

Wolfsburg were the first major European sports club to jump headfirst into the eSports world.

Back in February of this year, Wolfsburg began their venture into eSports through the signing of British player David “DaveBtw” Bytheway along with Benedict “Salz0r” Saltzer. During a promotional event for FIFA 17 at Wolfsburg Arena today, the German club announced that they would also be signing Timo “TimoX” Siep, who is currently the reigning German FIFA champion as well as being a previous two time German FIFA champion.

The club have only announced their move as being for FIFA only, with no other gamesĀ in mind as of yet.

Wolfsburg sign another pro FIFA player

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