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Will PlayStation VR be any good?

Alot of buzz is surrounding the PS:VR, but will it live up to its PC counterparts at such a good price, or be a poor imitation?

It is undeniable that VR is an extremely hard thing to get into, with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both sitting at over £500 and requiring a beefy gaming PC, but the PlayStation VR hopes to change that. This is Sony’s VR headset, exclusively for the PS4 and at a much lower price of £350. However, you will likely pay more for the complete bundle with the motion tracking controllers and camera, but is it worth it? Well, let’s examine it.

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Firstly, you won’t need to go out and buy a PS4 Pro to use the headset, as some people feared, but the better console will give you a boost in FPS. Skeptics predicted that PlayStation VR would be a lousy imitation of its PC counterparts, but it actually gives them a run for their money.

Oculus and Vive both have a refresh rate of around 90Hz, but the PS VR boasts 90 to 120. This does come at the expense of resolution however, but still holds up, being only 20 percent worse.

A massive advantage to the PS VR over the Vive and Rift is that PlayStation have an entire studio dedicated to creating games for the system, and also have some exciting exclusives. This means that we will be getting high quality games, as Sony has already announced Batman VR and Battelzone VR, which will only be releasing on their headset. There is no doubt that in the future we will be getting more amazing exclusives, with the possibility of The Last of Us and Unchartered.


The main complaint about PS VR is its motion tracking without the controllers is pretty bad, and no where on the level of the Vive, but with such a low price I view this as acceptable. With VR costing such a premium, this product seems amazing, and will surly introduce the mainstream to what could be the future of gaming. I must admit that consoles may have a leg up on the PC master race in this department, and has even got me looking into buying a PS4. 

Will PlayStation VR be any good?

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