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Valve has no idea what the CS:GO community wants and they’ve had enough waiting.

Issues have plague CS:GO. This coupled with Valve's refusal to update the game and lack of communication, has created a ticking time bomb.

No one embodies the phrase “ignorance is bliss” more than Valve. The changes they make to CS:GO now are so minor, they have zero impact improving the game. They recently changed the weapon sounds, which was something no one cared about or wanted. However everyone remembers the time they actually dared to implement a drastic change, altering the spray patterns for rifles last winter. This threw off everyone who had been mastering the original sprays for years, and just weeks after the change Valve rolled it back.

Valve continue to develop these changes without a test environment for players to give feedback before they go live, and continue to ignore the improvements people actually want.

The community has begged for years for 128 tick servers and proper hit registration. Different to hit boxes, hit registration is when the game registers the hit, which in CS is terrible for a highly competitive FPS. If you’re a sniper who quick-scopes and flicks at high levels, then you experience this all the time. Your swift shots are on target but nothing happens. This needs to be fixed immediately, and introducing 128 tick servers to minimize delay is the first step.

The other massive issue is cheating. Whenever I play a global game, there is often someone fishy on the other team. You check their profile and they have 100 hours or less… seems legitimate. Even when everyone on your team has a prime account this is still a prevalent issue. Compared to the ruthless cheating policy Blizzard has with Overwatch, it really highlights how awful the VAC system is.

It seems as if the community has finally had enough, as screaming into a black hole isn’t getting them anywhere. Popular steamer and Youtuber Nick Bunyun has made a video calling out all of these issues as well as starting a petition to try and get Valve to listen. A fellow big name in the community, Anomaly, has also addressed the problems and urged his fans to sign it as well. Hopefully other Youtubers send their legions of followers to sign, but personally I don’t think this will achieve anything. Valve has an extraordinary legacy of ignoring their community and I believe they’ll maintain it – but I sorely hope I’m wrong.

Valve has no idea what the CS:GO community wants and they’ve had enough waiting.

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