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UltraPlay announces ODDS.gg prediction system

UltraPlay has announced the release of their new and advanced eSports match predicting system.

The eSports betting company UltraPlay has announced their new eSports odds provider, ODDS.gg.

The new website is meant to be a revolutionary ways for people to know who to bet on when it comes to eSports matches. In addition to this, it also promises that “[eSports] sportsbooks can finally have a quality eSports offering that is capable of meeting the requirements and needs of the brand new Millennial audience.”


ODDS will provide real time eSports odds with what they call a “hybrid methodology of machine learning algorhtms and human trading interaction.” This basically means that the website learns from previous outcomes as well as what people are likely to bet on in an effort to accurately predict winners. It will offer a selection of 21 competitive games, 2500+ prematch events and 1000+ live events per month.

Mario Ovcharov, chief marketing officer of UltraPlay, had the following to say about the new system:

“We have decided to make this step and give free access to everyone in the industry who wishes to explore the trendiest of all sports – eSports. Establishing ourselves as leaders in providing eSports odds for both pre-match and live among the highest number of competitive games and tournaments, made us share the knowledge and launch a free product that allows anyone to have a taste of it. There is a lot more to be brought to ODDS.gg so keep a close eye.”


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UltraPlay announces ODDS.gg prediction system

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