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Top 5 Hearthstone Cards: Priest Edition

Top 5 Hearthstone cards that should be in your Priest deck!

1. Shadow word: Pain & Death

These two cards compliment each other so well I’m throwing them both into one category. Shadow Word: Pain, is a spell that costs 2 mana and destroys any minion with an attack of 3 of less, which is great for early game board control and one shotting any annoying cards that have been buffed with a divine shield or even cards like the infamous mana wyrm. Shadow Word: Death does the exact same thing to any minion with an attack of 5 or more costing 3 Mana. It is easy to see the synergy these cards can create with any deck for priest allowing you to transition into a faster paced aggro style of play or a more situational come back tactic.


2. Priest of the feast

One of the newer priest cards, a 4 minion cost minion with 3 attack and 6 health and a very helpful trick. “Whenever you cast a spell. Restore 3 health to your hero”. This guy mixed with a few low cost Mana spell cards can be a recipe for a highlight reel of comebacks and I have been victim to this card in the arena many times(It’s not fun). Priests will run this card in conjunction with ‘Flash Heal’ and ‘Reno’ to add insult to remedy (see what I did there heh heh :3)

3. Onyx Bishop

A 5 Mana cost Minion. Onyx Bishop comes with 3 attack and 4 health which is an expensively weak card for the overall value but combed correctly could turn the tables on a match by reviving a minion that died previously in the game, this tactic does come with a risk of reviving an unwanted card but priest gets free heals so I don’t feel bad.

4. Northshire Cleric

One of the Priest’s bread and butter cards a 1 Mana minion that draws a card whenever a minion is healed. The synergy between this card and the Priest’s hero power (restore 2 Mana to hero or minion) gives priests the needed extra cards that can potentially be received from the Northshire Cleric.

5. Mind control

A 10 Mana spell that takes control of any minion. This card is great but has one drawback, being so expensive you need full value from it and mind controlling the highest value card you can is the only way e.g. if a Mage plays Arcane Golem (8 health and 8 Mana) and you mind control it, if the Mage plays another card that has an attack of 8+ or a spell that can destroy the Arcane Golem you are going to have a bad time. So be MINDful (OK OK no more puns).

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Top 5 Hearthstone Cards: Priest Edition

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