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Top 5 Hearthstone cards: Mage Edition

The top 5 Best mage cards you should have in at least one of your decks. 

1. Mirror Entity

This card is one of the best secrets in the game, costing 3 Mana this secret will activate after your opponent plays a minion and will copy the exact minion and all effect to it. Some newer opponents may not know the card or Mage class well enough and fall into the trap, more experienced players may anticipate this and throw down a weak minion to destroy the secret or not play a minion at all and focus on hero powers and spells instead.

2. Water Elemental

Water Elemental is one of the Mage’s bread and butter cards, costing 4 Mana and with a 3 attack and 6 defence will more often that not be able to set up for board control (killing your opponents cards leaving them with no minions on the board while you have 1 or more minions.) With the added effect of freezing any character it hits (Hero or Cards) can set up for some pretty devastating combos.

3. Babbling Book

“Battlecry: Add a random Mage spell to your hand.” you would expect a card like this to cost 2+ Mana and would be a spell card. Babbling Book is a 1 Mana card that doubles up as a 1 attack and a 1 defence minion which makes is ideal for early rush decks. The great thing about this card is that it gives you a random (1-10 Mana spell) sometimes you could get a really good card sometimes a not so good card but either way it is a win/win situation for the Mage.

4. Archmage Antonidas

This is an interesting card that adds a ‘Fireball spell’ to your hand for every spell you use (no matter what spell or cost of a spell) the only drawback to this card is even though it is a 5 damage and 7 defense card it can quickly be destroyed by the 7 Mana mark. To get full value out of this card you will have to let it survive at least 2 rounds. So keep that in mind.

5. Pyroblast

Just play it and win enjoy!!

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Top 5 Hearthstone cards: Mage Edition

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