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Top 3 fails of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Gameplay for Infinite Warfare is out, and it turns out that our fears were well placed...

Infinite Warfare is the latest Call of Duty game that notoriously racked up over three million dislikes, putting it in the top-five most disliked videos in YouTube history. People hate how the franchise is heading even further into the future with space warfare, when the community has been begging for years to return to the modern area or World War II. But have we judged the game too early, and is this game redeemable from the released gameplay?

In a word… No!

Our fears were well placed. Infinite Warfare has included every fail we thought it would, so let’s examine this smoldering car crash of a game.


The beloved exo suits are back

The community has complained about exo suits ever since Advanced Warfare, back in 2014, when they began infecting the franchise. They remain in the game because each development team has a three-year time frame to make the game. This means the studio are unable to respond to community feedback as they are already committed to the features being included in the release. Even though they tried to hide the return of ‘Advanced Movement’ in the reveal trailer, it is on full display in gameplay videos.


Lazy and bland multiplayer maps 

The maps in this Call of Duty just feel boring. The one that struck me as particularly dull was Frontier, which is set on a space station. It is as generic as it gets, with white walls and paneling and nothing to break up the colour scheme or details. This, combined with a lower level, reminded me of the Ghosts map Sovereign, which is never a good sign. They even added a remake of Terminal to the base game, clearly showing they have ran out of ideas. What shocks me even more, however, is that they haven’t even adapted the map to accommodate the exo suits, but simply said: “that’ll do”. 


Time To Kill

Much like Black Ops 3, the time to kill is incredibly quick, and this is bad for two reasons. Firstly, it lowers the skill requirements as anyone can get a couple of kills if the weapon slays opponents in only four shots. This in turn means that the good players will find it much harder to build up kill streaks and have a solid K/D.

In conclusion, if you were on the fence about buying this game – don’t. The fact that there is no open Beta shows how little faith they have in the game, and don’t want to be embarrassed by player numbers in comparison to Battlefield. Perhaps the next Call of Duty game, or the one after, will do something the community wants, as the development team will have had time to see the criticism before it’s to late. But Infinite Warfare undoubtedly isn’t that game. 

Top 3 fails of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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